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Black Opium Eau de Toilette Glowing Yves Saint Laurent

Eau de Toilette Glowing Black Opium YSL

Never mind, it took a lot more to weaken Yves Saint-Laurent, and Opium at least had the merit of being widely talked about. Today it is considered a great classic in women’s perfumery, more recently modernized in the form of Black Opium . Today, Yves Saint-Laurent has decided to tell us a new chapter in his story, this time more focused on freshness and liveliness: Black Opium Glowing.

Black Opium Glowing, the fragrance of a woman full of vitality

Black Opium Glowing is the scent of a woman bursting with energy. This niche fragrance is perfect for the current generation and can easily be imagined worn by an elegant, chic, lively and nonchalant person. Black Opium Glowing is in 2016 what Opium was in the 70s: a new legend. He approaches life in a more experimental way, but just as impulsively. Dangerously contemporary, it is obvious for all women who like to take risks, vibrate with desire and flirt with the prohibitions. It promises you a refreshing and mystical journey, to an illicit elsewhere, in a sulfurous, passionate and intrepid world. Black Opium Glowing is an addictive and sparkling composition. It is designed for an “energetic, impulsive and fun-loving woman, […] Living in the moment and always looking for the unexpected”. If you recognize yourself in this portrait, this new incandescent eau de toilette is made for you! < / p>

Black Opium Glowing, an adrenaline rush made of transparency

On the aesthetic side, Black Opium Glowing has retained the heritage of its predecessors while embellishing new details that are specific to it. Black Opium Glowing has the same silhouette, and its iconic central window is still present. Its glittery surface, on the other hand, offers a new transparency. Thus, its new visual perfectly echoes the freshness contained in this niche fragrance. Black Opium Glowing is arguably the lightest and most invigorating version of Black Opium. Its black coffee accord is always present and appears from its top notes. However, this time it is rounded with a juicy pear, and refreshed with lemon and bergamot. Then, in its heart, Black Opium Glowing is orie nted towards more femininity. Its composition takes on the air of a few white flowers. Sambac jasmine brings an undeniable opulence here, while orange blossom illuminates everything with its solar aura. Black Opium Glowing ultimately ends with a darker base. Cedar and patchouli intertwine their woody flavors. Musk, for its part, sublimates the whole with its sensual and addictive animality.

Opium was certainly one of the most controversial perfumes from the Yves Saint-Laurent house. However, released in 1977, the oriental essence inflamed women around the world never to leave them. Become cult, Opium was the mother bottle of other beautiful variations including its scented daughter, Black Opium and its rock and shock of gourmet coffee accords. After pretty variations on the same theme, Black Opium Glowing is going to make Black Opium a fresh and unexpected perfume which does not lose any of its obscure charms.

Black Opium Glowing or the exploration of black freshness by Yves Saint-Laurent

The end of the 1970s marked the beginning of a new era in perfumery, that of opulent perfumes which would take precedence over the fresh and flowery juices that so far had the spring of previous decades. It was Opium that most certainly launched one of the very first assaults in this fashion, which is praised in oriental and heady accords. Overdosed in exotic woods and animal raw materials, Opium baffles the rules of the genre and upsets the classics while capsizing hearts. From its beginnings, Opium ignites the necks of these ladies never to leave them.

Many decades later, Opium will see itself welcome a Belle d’Opium version but especially its scented daughter Black Opium. Black Opium will not play the same heady oriental accords, it is certain, it will be no less powerful and addicting but above all will present an absolute modernity, which, as the first bottle would have done in the 70s, will turn the world upside down. heart of rock n ‘roll young ladies.

With its contrasting and inspiring accords Black Opium will give birth to many other bottles including the pretty Black Opium Glowing Eau de Toilette which will be released in February 2018. Black Opium Glowing goes for the first time traveling in the fresh and fruity notes of Black Opium by offering a coffee accord that plays with chiaroscuro to become tangy and greedy light.

A faithful quartet for a fresh but always fresh Black Opium Glowing fragrance also bewitching

To compose this Black Opium Eau de Toilette Glowing the quartet of talented perfumers from Black Opium meet again. Thus Olivier Cresp, Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne and Honorine Blanc will compose with Black Opium a niche fragrance which will highlight the fresh and fruity accords of the original bottle.
“The energizing radiance of a pear tangy with citrus notes , illuminates the new BLACK OPIUM Eau de Toilette. A chiaroscuro creation, imagined as a beam of light that crosses the night. »Yves Saint Laurent for Black Opium Eau de Toilette Glowing.

Like its predecessors Black Opium Glowing will retain its tangy top notes built with notes of pear, lemon and bergamot. However, what Yves Saint-Laurent calls the “citrus accord” is largely amplified to offer a breath of freshness from the start of this Black Opium Glowing. Moreover, this lightning start will echo the bitter orange note of the heart, a great novelty of this opus. However, solar and exotic flowers will not be forgotten and jasmine like orange blossoms appear again in this bottle. Finally the famous “black coffee accord” appears again in the depths to bewitch us once again in the wake of this fresh and luminous Black Opium Glowing.

“ An galvanizing sensation, a vibration that invades you: the new signature scent of a woman in search of the unexpected. ““Yves Saint-Laurent for Black Opium Eau de Toilette Glowing.


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