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Eau de parfum L’Homme L’Intense YSL Yves Saint Laurent

L’Homme Intense fragrance, YSL charisma at its peak

His “Mondrian” collection in 1965 was a real success. From the start, the Parisian couturier liked to shake up the codes of fashion and freedom. He shocks many times, first by posing naked for one of these perfumes, but also with “Rive Gauche”, his first fragrance, and “Opium”, a sulfurous essence. In 2013, YSL presented “L’Homme Intense, le Parfum”, a variation that followed the release of “L’Homme” in 2006.

L’Homme L’Intense perfume according to Yves Saint Laurent < / h2>

After having devoted a long time to sublimating women, YSL decides to highlight the man. “L’Homme” was released in 2006 , and reflects the contemporary man who lives with his time, his desires and his desires. Its fragrance is strong, sensual and charismatic. Today’s man is virile and elegant, and pleases women without limits. The success of “L’Homme” was immediate and this fragrance is one of the best-selling brand. In order to satisfy all its fans, YSL unveils a variation, in 2013, with “L’Homme Intense”, a fragrance that is still warm and intense. The YSL house describes it as “a more powerful and more sophisticated olfactory interpretation than its predecessor”, the promise of charisma at its peak. “L’Homme Parfum Intense” is aimed at men who assume their virility.

L’Homme L’Intense, seductive, fresh and sensual notes signed YSL

It is to a duo of perfumers, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion, that we owe the composition of “L’Homme Parfum Intense”. They are also the ones who made the one for “The Man”. “L’Homme Intense” describes itself as a woody and amber fragrance. It begins with the freshness of citrus fruits, lemon and bergamot. This is associated with a floral tone, that of davana which also gives a sweet side. Then comes the spicy aspect of black pepper. The heart is a very harmonious marriage between the powdery and vegetal tones of the violet flower and the luminosity of the orange blossom. Finally, the base of “L’Homme Intense” offers a virile, but very sensual trail, thanks to the presence of an accord of suede and leather, but also with that of benzoin and cedar wood. The bottle uses the codes of its elder. In glass and cylindrical in shape, this time it is dressed in a nectar of a dazzling amber color. Its hexagonal cover is tinted with silver metal. Everything is extremely elegant.

A variation of “L’Homme”, released in 2006, “L’Homme Parfum Intense” pushes man’s charisma to its peak. If “L’Homme Intense” always describes the fragrance of a contemporary man, the latter nevertheless wants to be more virile, more astonishing than ever. “The Intense Man” assumes his desires and all the women turn around in his path.

Each Yves Saint Laurent fragrance has a unique personality, a unique charisma. For its masculine fragrances, the charismatic and regretted couturier’s perfume house has always developed fragrances that are both virile and sophisticated, like the Man, born in 2006. For the Intense Man, the pretty fruity wood is has an amber scent, without forgetting its touch of violet dandy, a pure haute couture delight!

A trio of talented perfumers for an absolutely irresistible intense man

Each Yves Saint Laurent perfume is a marvel of luxury and sophistication in the image of the great designer who was Yves Saint-Laurent himself. After M7 or even Cinéma, the Yves Saint-Laurent house opened a new chapter in its masculine fragrances with L’Homme in 2006, a magnificent multifaceted fragrance.

This new man takes shape between fruity and fresh nuances and flowery in order to dazzle us with her charisma and her “sensual and magnetic” personality. In order to create this modern composition which retains all the charm of carefully balanced retro notes, the Yves Saint-Laurent house called on the three greatest success makers of recent years: Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion and Pierre Wargnye. To compose the Intense Man, his beautiful amber variation and even more sensual, the same trio of shock was called and the result was also without appeal: magnificent!

The Intense Man shines the famous accord original flower of L’Homme by adding a host of gourmet and burning delicacies without forgetting either the sophistication of the orange blossom-violet accord or the initial freshness of aromatic notes. L’Homme Intense is at the height of his charisma, ready to succumb to any prey!

“L’Homme L’Intense Eau de Parfum represents the intense frontier of charisma and sensuality and magnetism. An assertive sensuality and an ever more dazzling and mysterious depth. »“Yves Saint Laurent for L’Homme Intense.

L’Homme Intense between exacerbated freshness and amber virility

The trio of shocking perfumers at the initiative of Man did not not hesitated for a second to reinforce the magnetism of this multifaceted man by adding the most precious but also the most delicious materials in perfumery, such as the tonka bean, to make him even more special, unique in short. However, the beauty of L’Homme’s original chords are preserved to be developed in the Intense Man in their warmest light, a feat worthy of the greatest!

The Intense Man opens with the fresh and very aromatic start of its elder brother, built around notes of davana, bergamot, lemon and black pepper. Then the beautiful and warm orange blossom comes powdered with the lovely violet to better shine with ultimate sophistication in a very Yves Saint-Laurent style in short. Finally, the fleshy woody depths of benzoin, cedar wood and patchouli are reinforced with a very virile and above all very intense leather note.

“The power of attraction of a man with a unique style: charismatic and seductive, daring and full of contrasts. “Yves Saint Laurent for L’Homme Intense.

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