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October, 3
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    Eau de toilette L’Homme Cologne Bleue Yves Saint Laurent

    The perfume L’Homme Cologne Bleue YSL

    What is more, Yves Saint-Laurent continues to develop new variations, with the aim of perpetuating the myth. Likewise, the brand will stop at nothing when it comes to muses, calling on Garrett Hedlund, Vincent Cassel or even, more recently, Vinnie Woolston. Now the emphasis is on freshness. L’Homme by Yves Saint-Laurent becomes L’Homme Cologne Bleue.

    L’Homme by Yves Saint-Laurent, the embodiment of modernity with many faces

    The Yves Saint-Laurent Man made his very first appearance in 2006, revealing to us the force of attraction of a man who is at the same time charismatic, daring and sensual. With him, everything is a question of harmony. L’Homme by Yves Saint-Laurent is both refined and spontaneous, raw and precious. Moreover, its bottle perfectly combines industrial and elegance. From then on, L’Homme by Yves Saint-Laurent is the symbol of contemporary masculinity, with unique elegance. L’Homme by Yves Saint-Laurent is a modern and magnetic fragrance, without compromise. In addition, it already has multiple derivatives of its scent. In 2007 and 2008, it was reinvented as two light waters for the summer. In 2011, it became L’Homme Cologne Gingembre, displaying a more radiant freshness than before. L’Homme Parfum Intense from 2013 warmed up with a more amber accord of cedar, benzoin and suede. The Sport Man gave us a real burst of liveliness while the Ultimate Man played more in the register of seduction. So let’s see this time about L’Homme Cologne Bleue.

    L’Homme Cologne Bleue, a bluish fragrance bursting with freshness

    L’Homme Cologne Bleue is the latest version of this great fragrance family. With this perfume, the idea is to symbolize the image of a modern man while being inspired by the essences of yesterday. Indeed, at the beginning of the last century, men only perfumed themselves with Eaux de Cologne. L’Homme Cologne Bleue therefore winks at this bygone era. This contemporary perfume is presented today in a bottle with clean lines. The visual of this container is familiar to the entire L’Homme collection by Yves Saint-Laurent. L’Homme Cologne Bleue has retained its original shape while now revealing a very clear blue fragrance that wonderfully reveals the freshness of the fragrance it contains. The whole is topped with the eternal hexagonal silver cabochon by Yves Saint-Laurent. L’Homme Cologne Bleue displays a style between classicism and avant-garde. On the scent side, this is a fresh and aquatic essence made by perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou. Its liveliness begins with a burst of citrus fruits, and more specifically blood orange, grapefruit and tangerine. Bergamot also combines with a marine accord and cardamom to amplify this effect. A hint of black pepper nevertheless warms the whole and gives more character to this fragrance. of grapefruit and tangerine. Bergamot also combines with a marine accord and cardamom to amplify this effect. A hint of black pepper nevertheless warms the whole and gives more character to this fragrance. of grapefruit and tangerine. Bergamot also combines with a marine accord and cardamom to amplify this effect. A hint of black pepper nevertheless warms the whole and gives more character to this fragrance.

    The Yves Saint-Laurent Man released in 2006 allowed us to discover the best that modern man could wear when it comes to his perfume. Shaped in many facets, L’Homme, composed by a talented IFF quartet, has inspired so much that it has since given birth to many other perfumed children. This time the Man will be iodized while retaining his original freshness thanks to L’Homme Cologne Bleue designed by Juliette Karagueuzoglou now alone with scented organs.

    L’Homme Cologne Bleue or the modern and marine facets of Yves Saint-Laurent’s man

    With Yves Saint-Laurent men’s fragrances, all scents are possible and the great perfume house has never hesitated for a second to amaze its public masculine by original fragrances in total break with the usual masculine codes such as with Opium pour Homme or even M7. yet deny its originality by adding a few touches of floral and spicy notes. Composed by Anne Flipo, Céline Martin, Dominique Ropion and Pierre Wargnye, L’Homme quickly won over its audience, won over by the many faces of masculinity it was able to offer. This multiplicity of accords has made it possible to decline the Man under magnificent other accords, sometimes fresh with L’Homme Cologne Gingembre or L’Homme Sport, sometimes warm and sensual with L’Homme Parfum Intense or even L’Homme Ultime.

    For these new adventures of the man named L’Homme Cologne Bleue, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, who had already participated in the composition of L’Homme Sport et l’Homme Ultime alongside Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo, is became the sole master on board. And the fresh, aromatic and spicy boat in which the perfumer takes us with L’Homme Cologne Bleue will never cease to satisfy our desires for sea air and the open sea.

    Let it be said L’Homme Cologne Bleue will be Man’s best companion to offer him a breath of fresh air while bringing him elegance and modernity.

    When Juliette Karagueuzoglou plays sea breezes to bewitch us with L’Homme Eau de Cologne Bleue

    Juliette Karagueuzoglou has made L’Homme Cologne Bleue a successful marriage between the modernity of human accords and the retro tonality of Eaux de Cologne as they were once worn. The perfumer is also very focused on this blend of eras in perfumery but also on a selection of natural olfactory raw materials that respect their environment.

    “There is also a refocusing on the history of the perfume shop. Consumers want natural fragrances with fair trade raw materials. There is clearly a tendency for the natural. “& Nbsp; Juliette Karagueuzoglou for Flair.

    Thus L’Homme Cologne Bleue will go surfing more than ever on the waves of iodized accords that evoke nature and the great outdoors. The touch of geranium and apple in the heart bring their originality to the ozone accord to replace the flowers and spices of the very first bottle of Man. But L’Homme Cologne Bleue will not forget the freshness of the top notes of its original bottle as well as the splendor of the woody notes of its depths.


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