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Eau de toilette Mon Paris Eau de Toilette Yves Saint Laurent

Mon Paris Eau de Toilette, a fragrance developed by three designers

Passionate about art in general, he found there an infinite number of creative sources. It is therefore a tribute to the city of lovers that the Yves Saint-Laurent house made in 2016 in its perfume Mon Paris . Fragrance of seduction, this time it has bet on more lightness. Focus on the new Mon Paris Eau de Toilette.

Mon Paris Eau de Toilette, a fragrance developed by three designers

The Mon Paris perfume has not yet blown its first candle that it can already say that it is a great success of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. Nevertheless, such enthusiasm would be nothing without renowned designers at the origin of its development. Thus, the Yves Saint-Laurent brand has decided to collaborate once again with the same perfumers to decline its fragrance in a new Eau de Toilette. L’Eau de Toilette Mon Paris was created, like its predecessor, by Olivier Cresp, Harry Frémont and Dora Baghriche Arnaud. Olivier Cresp comes from a family of perfumers and has made the world of scents a world almost anchored in his genetic heritage. Harry Frémont, meanwhile, is another big name in current perfumery. Atypical and very daring character, he likes to revisit the great classics to bring them more pep’s. Finally, Dora Baghriche Arnaud is a woman with great sensitivity. It thus brings more sensuality and elegance to this perfume. She gives birth to a purely feminine poetry.

The lightness of Yves Saint-Laurent’s niche fragrance

Mon Paris Eau de Toilette is a very balanced juice that evolves through multiple facets. Thus, it starts with a fruity and particularly fresh flavor. In this sense, it takes on a very springy air and is ideal for hot summer days. The Mon Paris Eau de Toilette first combines the citrus flavor of bergamot with the sparkling and juicy spirit of blackberry and raspberry. The pink pepper comes however to tickle this start and bring it more impertinence. Then, the heart of Mon Paris Eau de Toilette seems to let its feelings speak and lets a poetic and solar heart float behind it. This juice combines jasmine, orange blossom and datura flower. The whole becomes little by little more tender and sensual in its base. My Paris is

The reinterpretation of the Mon Paris bottle

My Paris Eau de Toilette is presented to us in the same bottle as its predecessor. Cut from thick glass, it looks like a huge jewel carved like a diamond. Its very feminine color is revealed in a fascinating clarity. The whole is always surmounted by a lavallière. On the other hand, its black ribbon of yesteryear has given way to a more airy thread, wonderfully echoing the flavor contained in this case.

At the origin of Yves Saint-Laurent’s new scented cocktail, Mon Paris, we are hardly surprised to find Harry Frémont, Olivier Cresp and Dora Baghriche – Arnaud, certainly among the greatest talents of modern perfumery. For this new, more aerial opus, soberly called Mon Paris Eau de Toilette, we had the pleasure of rediscovering the exceptional work of this trio which, without a doubt , will never stop creating magnificent olfactory works for Yves Saint-Laurent.

A trio of shocking perfumers for a new flight to Mon Paris!

It might seem natural today, yet the composition of a perfume to many mains has only really become explicit since the release of Anaïs Anaïs and her trio of designer perfumers employed by Firmenich. Today this same company (like others besides) does not hesitate to make its greatest talents work as a team, which was precisely the case for the last Yves Saint-Laurent perfume released in 2016, Mon Paris, then its very first version Mon Paris Eau de Toilette.

Thus Olivier Cresp and Dora Baghriche have united their talent and their research with that of Harry Frémont on the other side of the Atlantic to form together the beautiful score of Mon Paris Eau de Parfum then of Mon Paris Eau de Toilette. It was also Olivier Cresp who composed the first lines of these three-part works, offering a bergamot accord from Calabria, pears and red fruits. Then, as the perfumer tells us, the story of Mon Paris was composed “Like a game, an exchange of theatrical lines, a story told to several”.

As a result, Mon Paris will be born in 2016 and Mon Paris Eau de Toilette in 2017 around the luminous, chypre and floral accords of the three creators. Because Mon Paris Eau de Toilette could not do without this talented trio which had given birth to its predecessor!

Mon Paris Eau de Toilette, the radiance and sensuality of a perfumed love …

My Paris Eau de Toilette wants to be even more luminous and airy than its elder brother, especially since it keeps telling us the story of a mad and passionate love who, for this new opus, will be played in weightlessness. Thus Mon Paris Eau de Toilette does not lose any of the floral, fruity but also deliciously sensual accords of Mon Paris but allows itself to add beautiful flights to make it lighter than ever.

As soon as we enter this pretty Eau de Toilette, we are propelled into the air thanks to the notes of red fruits and bergamot, both very fresh and very tangy. The original heart of Mon Paris Eau de Toilette will offer these tonic notes a radiant echo of white flowers composed around jasmine and orange blossom. A peony accord envelops these luminosities in a joyful burst of spring flowers. Finally, of course, the famous Datura flower once again comes to hypnotize us to better let us capture us by totally addicting white musks and patchoulis.

“A loss of the senses while weightless. ““Yves Saint-Laurent for Mon Paris Eau de Toilette.


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