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October, 3
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    Elle YSL Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum

    Elle YSL, a fragrance as close as possible to her …

    This one surprises by a new cut of jeans as well as by its play of colors. From 1966, taking inspiration from the androgynous current, Yves Saint Laurent invented women’s fashion by reinterpreting the men’s wardrobe, to their advantage. Her first perfume, released in 1971, “Rive Gauche”, moreover encourages women to free themselves from their shackles. In 2007, the brand presented “Elle”, an intimate fragrance that is intended to be as close as possible to each woman.

    She, the femininity of the YSL house in the spotlight

    “Elle” is a decidedly feminine fragrance. Chic and sophisticated, the essence of “Elle” is puzzling daring. Since 2004, when the fragrance “Cinéma” was released, YSL fans have been waiting for a niche fragrance. For this, the brand did not want to disappoint them. “Elle” embodies the beauty, sensuality and femininity of the entire YSL fashion house. “She” appears as a singular and unpredictable woman. “She” nevertheless remains ultra modern and very chic. “She” portrays the image of a strong, captivating woman, eager to live fully and who enjoys achieving her goals. The life of “Elle” is punctuated by love, passion and desire. If the woman “Elle” is undeniably modern, she nevertheless wants to be young, a bohemian, but more than anything, seductive.

    Elle Yves Saint Laurent and her captivating notes

    This intrepid fragrance was designed by Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavalier. “Elle” is a vibrant essence of daring and femininity in which floral, musky and woody notes blend harmoniously. Its scent is based on powerful ingredients. “Elle” begins with exotic notes of lychee. The latter then meets the tenderness of the peony flower then the lemon which gives a carnal side to the top notes. The heart of “Elle” is ultra floral with freesia and jasmine, to which is added the spicy note of rose berry, offering a real contrast. Finally, the base is sensual thanks to the presence of ambrette, vetiver and patchouli. This nectar is contained in a baroque bottle with clean lines. Its shape is also slender and very elegant. The bottle is also dressed in a fuchsia color, dazzling with beauty. Finally, there is the legendary YSL cassandre. The letters have been cut inside a gold-colored metal, thus contrasting with the color of the bottle. The whole offers an irresistibly magnetic bottle.

    Once again, YSL celebrates the beauty of women. “Elle” is an intimate fragrance that reveals a seductive and determined woman. Its composition oscillates harmoniously between floral, musky and woody notes… An essence full of happiness.

    Yves Saint-Laurent perfumes are at least as sophisticated and original as was the master, the talented and fiery couturier who gave his name to his creations. While the Man distilled his beautiful notes in 2006 in a contrasting masculine perfume with a floral tip, the two great perfumers Jacques Cavallier and Olivier Cresp will offer a beautiful feminine perfume a year later which will be his alter-ego, Elle. It would be like the perfumed vision of the Yves Saint Laurent woman between turbulence and flowery calm, delicacies and animal strength …

    Elle or the beauty of a masculine-feminine style in an Yves Saint-Laurent fragrance

    The Yves Saint Laurent perfume house is at least the equal of the master’s haute couture house, whimsical but elegant, original without being uncomfortable, the perfumes Yves Saint Laurent captivates us with their charms without ever losing their luxurious aura. Yet since Cinema in 2004, women have longed for a new perfume, a niche fragrance that would capsize them… Jacques Cavallier and Olivier Cresp will give birth to her in 2007, under the sweet and evocative name of Elle.

    She would be a bit like the delicate and flowery wife of the Man who had come out a year ago. But She will not be satisfied with being beautiful, She will be the perfume of the daring, of the women who like the confusion while playing on their feminine assets to better curl up in some masculine clothes. It represents in its own way the famous feminine tuxedo by Yves Saint-Laurent who plays on its ambiguity to better charm.

    Between the woody notes so beloved of Olivier Cresp who admits to often being inspired by the incredible Femininity of Wood by Serge Lutens and the soft flowers of Grasse by Jacques Cavallier, She floods us with happiness in a masculine-feminine style that radiates.

    “A contemporary woman asserting her modernity and her unique personality. »Yves Saint Laurent pour Elle.

    A feminine woody note called Elle composed by Jacques Cavallier and Olivier Cresp

    Discovered in Serge Lutens’ very first perfume, Femininity of wood, the accord feminine woodiness is still a rarity in perfumery when Elle was created in 2007. Yet Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier will not hesitate for a second for Elle to use it in contrast to an extremely floral and fruity composition, Yves Saint Laurent perfumes have never shied away from contrasts, quite the contrary! / p>

    It therefore opens with very original notes of fruity lychee and peony with a velvety delicacy. At the heart, the two perfumers of Elle make their Mediterranean roots sing by offering a magnificent jasmine accompanied by a tangy citron. A few pink berries bring their spicy freshness to these opulent flowers. Finally, the famous woody accord, a favorite accord of gourmet perfume specialist Olivier Cresp, brings animal and sensual strength to this Elle woman. Ambrette, patchouli and vetiver transport us to depths where the Yves Saint Laurent woman captivates us, silences us with her charms which, beyond appearance, develop in subdued beams of light…

    Remember that “If Chanel gave women freedom, Saint-Laurent gave them power” Pierre Bergé…

    Woody Spicy Green

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