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October, 3
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    Guerlain – Rose aux Joues Soft Blush

    Rose au Joues Morning Rose by Guerlain
    Rose au Joues Morning Rose by Guerlain

    Discover Guerlain’s Tender Blush for natural make-up and a radiant complexion

    Rose aux cheeks tender blush

    Buy Guerlain’s Tender Rose Cheek Blush at Fragrenza Perfumes.

    New Color Blush revealing the radiance of your complexion Rose aux Joues colore brings a touch of delicate glow to your complexion as if you had just spent a day in the fresh air, with an imperceptible light finish. The new texture offers quick and easy application with just one sweep of the brush to bring a soft pink color to your cheeks.

    The pigments capture natural light and improve your complexion in a natural way in perfect harmony with the skin. New fresh, powdery texture, Rose aux cheeks comes in six timeless shades for all seasons and occasions.

    For a successful application, smile and apply Rose au Joues with a brush on the rounded part of your cheekbones towards the temples.

    Rose au Joues Peach Party by Guerlain
    Rose au Joues Peach Party by Guerlain

    Case – Pink with Cheeks Soft Blush

    Presented in a delicate black case adorned with a golden hot-stamping, the Rose aux Joues blush is adorned with a design with a festoon pattern, elegant and refined.Rose aux Joues Blush Tendre is a pleasure for the eyes and the senses, scented with delicate violet notes, it announces the return of sunny days.

    6 Shades – Roses au Cheeks Soft Blush

    01 Morning Rose
    02 Chic Pink
    03 Peach Party
    04 Crazy Bouquet
    05 Wonder Violette
    06 Pink Me Up

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