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Lip Water: The new make-up from Clarins

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Lip Water: The new make-up from Clarins
Lip Water: The new make-up from Clarins

L’Eau à Lèvres, a new hydration ally from Clarins

Clarins first made a name for itself in the world of cosmetics . Indeed, it has been a specialist for several decades in the design of treatments based on ingredients of natural origin. Nevertheless, Clarins gradually developed its know-how to win the world of make-up. Today, it is not uncommon for these two sectors of activity to meet, to the delight of women. Thus, the brand has this time decided to focus on the hydration of your mouth. Focus on the new Water Lip Stain from Clarins.

Clarins and its Eau à Lèvres, a new way to wear lipstick

L’Eau à Lèvres comes in a small cylindrical tube and the transparency of its base reveals an unusual applicator for a lipstick. Indeed, Son Eau à Lèvres has a brush similar to that of a nail polish. This utensil is ideally designed to fit the shape of your mouth. Thus, Clarins Lip Water provides you with precise and flawless results. In other words, its application is greatly facilitated.

Clarins Lip Water
Clarins Lip Water

This liquid makeup product is available in four different shades that are revealed as soon as you see their bottle. With their colorful lids, the Clarins Water Lip Stain immediately gives off a festive look. Inside, they contain an innovative product for the lips, a sort of hybrid between lipstick and moisturizer. Clarins Lip Water is resistant to color transfer and displays flawless hold. It is a kind of water-based lip tint. Thus, your mouth is made up gently and is covered with a protective film.

In addition, the coverage of Water Lip Stain is completely flexible. The more applications you apply, the deeper your lip color will appear. Finally, note that L’Eau à Lèvres can be used alone. It thus gives a very trendy matte finish. However, it can be applied as a protective base and serve as an undercoat for your regular lipstick. In this case, it improves its grip, intensifies its color and ensures your comfort.

Why moisturize your lips with lip water?

If Clarins has bet on hydration for the creation of its new product , it is because it is a capital beauty point for your mouth. Indeed, the skin of your lips is particularly thin. It is also poor in sebaceous glands and is therefore not properly protected. However, she is in constant contact with daily aggressions such as pollution, UV rays or cold. All these elements tend to weaken it and make it less permeable. As a result, the mouth dries up and reveals ugly cracks. Thanks to Clarins Water Lip Stain, you will no longer have to choose between applying a treatment and making up your mouth. Your pretty smile will be elegantly highlighted while being permanently protected.

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