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Live Irresistible, a new box set by Givenchy

Live Irresistible, a box full of novelties by Givenchy
Live Irresistible, a box full of novelties by Givenchy

Live Irresistible by Givenchy, a box set full of spontaneity and joie de vivre

Since its release in 2015, the Live Irresistible perfume has conveyed a real breath of gaiety and joie de vivre. He gives us the image of a very optimistic woman, having fun with everything and not worrying about anything. The Givenchy woman has made life her playground. She takes us on her hectic adventure and captivates us with her euphoric seat. With it, the perfume becomes a burst of energy at the origin of all fantasies. Live Irresistible is a juice filled with happiness which is now revealed in an elegant box .

The floral and spicy scent of Live Irresistible

The least we can say is that the Live Irresistible perfume does not lack temperament ! It begins with a fruity and bright combination of pineapple and allspice berry. His euphoria nonetheless becomes more delicate in his heart. The rose makes this fragrance a more romantic and poetic cocktail. It is always enhanced with fruits and spices. Nevertheless, Live Irresistible ends up languishing in a sensual warmth of amber and musk.

The elegant box set of Live Irresistible

Live Irresistible is now revealed in a very elegant box, completely covered in white. A golden bow completes its refinement while a shower of stars has also sprinkled its front face. Now, know that the smell of Live Irresistible perfume will never leave you … Its 50 ml spray comes with, as a gift, a 15 ml bag spray to take absolutely everywhere with you! With Live Irresistible, optimism can even be found in your handbag!

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