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Long Time No Shine, Lancôme loose powder

Long Time No Shine, Lancôme loose powder
Long Time No Shine, Lancôme loose powder

Long Time No Shine, the loose powder from Lancôme, for a fresher face all day long

To obtain makeup worthy of a professional , it is essential to pay special attention to your skin. Of course, this requires daily care such as good hydration and careful makeup removal. Then, the make-up is also very important. Foundation alone is not enough to show off your skin properly. It is recommended to add a touch of blush for a slightly colored and fresher finish. Loose powder, for its part, sets makeup and reinforces the dullness of the face. To perfect your beauty, Lancôme therefore invites you to use its brand new powder: Long Time No Shine.

Long Time No Shine, a mattifying but not drying powder

While it is recommended that all women apply a loose powder on their face, know that Lancôme Long Time No Shine is more specifically suited to those who suffer from excess sebum. Indeed, its formula is made up of talc, silica and mica, three ingredients that absorb sebum and preserve the dullness of the face. Very light, Long Time No Shine loose powder preserves the freshness of your skin from early morning until night. However, it does not dry out the epidermis. Its intelligent technology targets oily areas and acts on them without affecting the hydration of your skin. Infinitely light, Lancôme Long Time No Shine loose powder does not suffocate the face and provides a feeling of softness upon application.

Long Time No Shine powder to set makeup

By absorbing excess sebum, Long Time No Shine powder greatly improves makeup adhesion. It comes to fix more durably the colored pigments which are on the surface of your skin. Lancôme Long Time No Shine powder blurs small imperfections and offers a more matte face with zero blemishes. Available in two different colors, the Long Time No Shine powder provides a universal and perfectly transparent finish. It thus adapts to all faces and does not stand out. It preserves the color of the makeup and even gives it more shine and tenacity.

How to properly apply Lancôme powder?

To successfully apply your loose powder, know that it is better to use a very large powder puff rather than a brush. Start by tapping the latter in the powder, then on the rim of the Lancôme bottle to get rid of the excess material. Then, apply the powder on your face, keeping your hand light, to avoid unsightly lines. Do not hesitate to use it also on your lips and eyelids. Instantly, your face looks fresher and more radiant. The Long Time No Shine powder is the final touch of a successful make-up worthy of a professional!

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