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Louis Vuitton perfume Contre Moi

Louis Vuitton perfume Contre Moi
Louis Vuitton perfume Contre Moi

Against Me, Louis-Vuitton’s surprise

In this year 2016, Louis-Vuitton seems to have been particularly productive in terms of perfumery . Indeed, it will not be one but seven fragrances that will emerge within a few weeks within the brand. Each of them is an ode to femininity capable of arousing an emotion with a simple breath. Also, if most of the compositions have been unveiled, only the recipe for Contre Moi remains mysterious …

The different fragrances of Louis-Vuitton

The new Louis-Vuitton essences have been developed by the house’s appointed perfumer since 2013, namely Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud. The latter sought inspiration in the heart of the Fontaines Parfumées, a country house bought by Louis-Vuitton in 2013 in the heart of Grasse and intended exclusively for the development of his next perfumes. Also, among the new compositions, Rose Des Ventsis a blend of femininity based on May rose. Matière Noire, meanwhile, combines cyclamen, patchouli and oud wood. Mille Feux is a leathery juice. Apogée is an ode to lightness made from Grasse jasmine. Turbulence highlights jasmine, tuberose and musk. Finally, Dans la Peau is more nuanced and combines floral notes with tones of leather. Seul Contre Moi remains a mystery, even if its name says a lot about the tenderness and eroticism it contains … The mystery remains for the moment and we are already eager to discover what Louis-Vuitton has in store for us. Anyway, we already know that this essence will be embodied by the talented actress Léa Seydoux. It has, in fact, become the face of the brand recently. Likewise,

The aesthetics of Contre Moi

If the smell of Contre Moi is completely unknown, its aesthetic, on the other hand, has already been unveiled. Indeed, all the bottles in the Louis-Vuitton collection will be identical. They were developed by the Australian designer Marc Newson, one of the most renowned of our time and having had the chance to work for major brands such as Ford, Apple or Airbus. Contre Moi will thus be presented in a cylindrical, fully transparent bottle. This one will let us glimpse the color of its golden juice, very bright and sunny. Only its cap will nuance the whole with its opaque and metallic black color. This will highlight Louis-Vuitton’s LV initials. Although very nuanced, this bottle displays an absolutely harmonious aesthetic. He is in the image of his creator,

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