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October, 2
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    Louis Vuitton perfume In the Skin

    Louis Vuitton perfume In the Skin
    Louis Vuitton perfume In the Skin

    In the Skin, the assertive femininity of Louis-Vuitton

    It is in the heart of the Fontaines Parfumées, a country house bought by Louis-Vuitton in 2013 located in the Grasse region, that the house’s new fragrance was developed. This one is called Dans la Peau and comes from a collection of seven fragrances. Rose Des Vents, Matière Noire, Mille Feux, Apogée, Turbulences, Dans la Peau and Contre Moi are all juices created to create emotion and highlight the beauty of femininity. Also, Dans la Peau is undoubtedly one of the most sensual and assertive variations.

    The nuanced scent of the new Dans la Peau fragrance

    It is to perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud that we owe the creation of the fragrance Dans la Peau. He said he was honored to join the Louis-Vuitton brand, in 2013. He was seduced by this “unique and particularly exciting adventure […] Especially since the values ​​of the house are [his]: respect for know-how, craftsmanship and choice of materials noblest firsts. This is precisely what we find in the new Dans la Peau fragrance. This brilliantly combines the sensuality of leathers with the femininity of flowers. In this case, the most beautiful plants from the Grasse region have been chosen to produce this essence. In the Skin thus gives thanks to femininity. Indeed, floral notes are undoubtedly the most important in the feminine perfume department. Here they are accompanied by leathery tones as if to accentuate the sensuality of the wearer. If leatheries were formerly obtained by infusion of tanned leather, today they have an odor reconstituted in the laboratory via synthetic or natural notes such as isobutyl quinoline, tobacco, honey or styrax. The result remains particularly captivating and promises not to leave you indifferent.

    The aesthetics of the Louis-Vuitton bottle

    However, only the smell of a perfume is not enough to melt the hearts of consumers. This is why Louis-Vuitton called on the Australian designer Marc Newson to develop the bottle of this new essence. Dans la Peau is contained in a cylindrical case, at the base entirely made of glass. This one displays a very refined look and reveals the orange color of a juice similar to a bright sun. Nevertheless, the whole is nuanced by the presence of an opaque black cap highlighting the initials of Louis-Vuitton. Likewise, in order to convey the image of this new perfume, the Louis-Vuitton house called on its new muse: the fabulous actress Léa Seydoux. After all, who better than she to embody all the feminine eroticism of the new fragrance Dans la Peau?

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