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Luna Blossom Les Monstres de Ricci, new fragrance

Luna Blossom Les Monstres de Ricci, new fragrance
Luna Blossom Les Monstres de Ricci, new fragrance

Nina’s Monsters Transfiguration The Alluring Luna Blossom

Nina Ricci is a brand famous for its romanticism, refinement and poetry. Thus, its fragrances are often in accordance with this philosophy. Nina, a famous juice from 2006, is also there to testify. However, since 2016, she has been accompanied by a little sister named Luna. Much more impetuous, the latter comes in a bluish bottle and immediately conquered the hearts of women. In 2017, she then became Luna Blossom, enriching herself with a lighter and airy breath. Today, in her new collection of Nina’s Monsters , Nina Ricci has decided to transform this latest fragrance and give it a much more atypical and even somewhat Asian face. Focus on Les Monstres de Nina and the Luna Blossom fragrance.

The atypical bottle from the collection of Nina’s Monsters

First of all, note that each of the perfumes in the collection of Nina’s Monsters amazes with its bottle. This new assortment currently includes three fragrances. This is a trio reinterpreting the famous Nina , Luna and Luna Blossom . To transform the design of its usual bottles, the Nina Ricci brand called on talented artists, Ana Strumpf and Guto Requena. Ana Strumpf is a Brazilian who is famous the world over for her magazine cover makeovers.

Often judging them too bland and boring, she had fun decorating them and displaying them on her blog. The phenomenon has gone viral and Ana Strumpf’s quirky creations are now known around the world. To create Les Monstres de Nina, she was accompanied here by Guto Requena, another young artist who usually mixes architecture, design and cyberculture in his creations. As you will have understood, the new bottles of Nina’s Monsters, and in particular that of Luna Blossom, are totally confusing, particularly modern and atypical.

Here, they chose to reinterpret Luna Blossom’s famous pink apple to make it look like a funny monster. Its color has thus become more fuchsia than before and big eyes are also invited on its front face. A pink leather ribbon is tied at its collar and a huge pompom is attached to it. The whole thing becomes particularly playful and wildly creative.

The Asian smell of the new Luna Blossom from Nina’s Monsters

Yes, but there you have it, it took some daring to create a fragrance that lived up to this unexpected visual! If the entire recipe for Luna Blossom from Nina’s Monsters has not yet been revealed, we already know that this scent will have nothing in common. Asian-inspired Luna Blossom from Nina’s Monsters recipe blends notes of Japanese rice cake and orange blossom. The result is a solar and gourmet juice, almost childish, without ever losing any of its refinement.

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