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Luna Collector, the customizable novelty of Nina Ricci

Luna Collector, the customizable novelty of Nina Ricci
Luna Collector, the customizable novelty of Nina Ricci

Luna Collector, the new gourmet and customizable fragrance from Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci is one of the most famous French perfume brands on the planet. For many decades, the brand has offered us feminine fragrances, all borrowing from poetry and dreaminess. However, recently, and among her countless references, Nina Ricci decided to write two new chapters to one of her bestsellers: the emblematic Nina perfume. To celebrate his 10th birthday, he first gave birth to Luna, Bella’s successor. All three thus form the collection of Les Belles de Nina. However, to celebrate the end of the year holidays, Nina Ricci decided to imagine collector’s editions. Focus on Luna Collector, or the metamorphosis of the little blue apple by Nina Ricci.

Luna, the greedy and daring heroine of Nina Ricci

It all started with Nina, the symbol of a romantic and elegant young woman, like an innocent young Parisian who cannot get out of her daydream. Then, this light and springtime scent was followed by Luna, the embodiment of a woman just as attractive but more free and daring. Luna is addressed to all those who are not cold in the eyes, as if the wife of Nina Ricci had suddenly grown up, to become a more sensual and tempting creature. However, don’t get me wrong, Luna hasn’t lost any of its elegance! Its recipe is orchestrated based on noble ingredients, combined with each other to give birth to an oriental and sweet essence. Luna Collector begins with a luminous alliance of lemon and orange blossom. Then, her femininity resurfaces with a floral duo of immortal and jasmine. To recall the iconic delicacy of Nina Ricci’s fragrances, a touch of caramel has been incorporated into the whole. In a more sulphurous and enveloping register, Luna Collector ends with a base of sandalwood, liquorice and vanilla. The purity of this fragrance is enhanced by the presence of white musks.

The customizable bottle of Luna Collector

To make her new bottle, Nina Ricci called on illustrator Ana Strumpf. Born in Sao Paulo, the young woman went to study in New York, to obtain a prestigious diploma within the Fashion Institute of Technology, then the Parsons School in 2010. Since then, Ana Strumpf has become a recognized figure of design across the Atlantic, a country in which she enjoys personalizing some of the most famous fashion magazines. Ana Strumpf is renowned for her colorful universe and limitless daring. However, this time, it’s up to you to help him with his personalization work… Luna Collector’s cardboard boxcontains small stickers designed by Ana Strumpf. You are free to use these as you see fit to personalize your perfume bottle. Apart from this element, Luna Collector is also decorated with a more golden cap than before. His black leather tie is gone. On the other hand, a rain of gold spangles now floods its walls. The refinement is absolute, ideally designed to create a multitude of stars in your eyes.

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