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Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada

Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada
Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada

Luna Rossa Carbon, Prada’s new tribute to the most beautiful of maritime competitions

Luna Rossa is the name of a perfume but it is also the name of a ship that defied the strongest waves during the America’s Cup. If Prada decided to make a perfume of it, it is above all to symbolize the surpassing of oneself and the competitive spirit of men and athletes. Also, in this year 2016, Prada decided to reinterpret this concentrate of liveliness and create the all new Luna Rossa Carbon. This new fragrance turns out to be the perfect embodiment of Prada’s values ​​with a more masculine and energizing imprint than ever.

Prada’s commitment to the world of sailing

To lift the veil a little on the history of this perfume, know that Luna Rossa is the name of the prestigious catamaran entered by Prada in the America’s Cup since 2000. This high-level race is one of the trophies most demanding athletes in the world. It brings together the greatest sailing professionals and its rich history makes it a legendary race. Also, it is precisely the determination of its participants and their engineering feats that decided to pay tribute to the Prada brand by calling its perfume Luna Rossa. It is undoubtedly inspired by the values ​​of sailing and encourages men to be more victorious than ever, at the same time dynamic, respectful of nature, inventive and passionate.

Luna Rossa Carbon’s unique fragrance

If Luna Rossa Carbon embodies the same valuesthan its elders, it has a somewhat different fragrance. This was created by the talented perfumer Daniela Andrier. In addition, it was she who had already created the first version of Luna Rossa. Here, she chose to start the scent of Luna Rossa Carbon with an astonishing contrast. This scent combines the sweet freshness of bergamot with the vibrant, spicy warmth of black pepper. This astonishing blend is then relayed by one of the most emblematic ingredients of men’s perfumery: lavender. This Mediterranean plant is associated here with earth tincture as well as metallic and charcoal notes. Everything is both very cold and dark. Likewise, aquatic notes subtly remind us of its belonging to the maritime environment. Finally,

Prada reinterprets its bottle

On the visual side, Luna Rossa Carbon is contained in a bottle whose silhouette has remained faithful to that of its elders. This had been developed by Yves Béhar. This time it rests on a black rectangular base on which the word Carbon is inscribed in a fairly discreet way. On the other hand, Prada’s name is proudly displayed on a red stripe reminiscent of a finish line. This pierces a transparent container thought out in gray tones. The whole is both energizing and sober, reminiscent of the black color of carbon, a material constituting most of today’s robust and fast boats.

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