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October, 3
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    Mademoiselle Rochas and the mischievous publicity

    Mademoiselle Rochas and the mischievous publicity

    The end of the perfume year was marked by numerous announcements within the Rochas house. Indeed, the brand did not hesitate to announce the release of three perfumes for 2017. Among them, Mademoiselle Rochas is undoubtedly the most feminine . Nevertheless, he does not lack impertinence and daring either. From then on, all that was missing was a face to complete the release of this new essence. It’s now done. Rochas has just unveiled its new advertisement, a dive into the heart of Paris sublimated by the seductive Noémie Schmidt.

    Noémie Schmidt, new muse of the Rochas house

    To sublimate its Mademoiselle Rochas perfume, the brand recently announced the choice of its new muse: the radiant and sparkling Noémie Schmidt. Of Swiss origin, she oriented herself in the world of entertainment from her childhood. She was first trained in the classical field before studying theater at the International Theater School in Brussels. After making her screen debut in 2012, she became known through her role in the series “Versailles” as well as in “L’Etudiante de Monsieur Henri”. Likewise, her role in the film Radin as the daughter of Dany Boon brought her to the forefront of notoriety in France. Moreover, it would seem that it is precisely for her humor and her playful aspect that Noémie Schmidt has been chosen here by Rochas. She said she was delighted with this first experience in advertising. What’s more, she adds: “I believe Rochas’ values ​​are right for me. Values ​​of kindness, generosity, playfulness, freshness, punch too.

    The catchy advertisement of Mademoiselle Rochas

    The Rochas ad begins with a back view of Noémie Schmidt perfuming herself in her bathtub with a few drops of Mademoiselle Rochas. From then on, it seems to gain an extraordinary energy, not hesitating to run through the alleys of the capital, despite its stiletto heels several centimeters high! Moreover, to save time, she even goes so far as to take off her shoes, walking proudly with her shoes in hand, a smile on her lips. From then on, she joined some friends on the terrace of a typical Parisian café. They give him a gift containing an adorable puppy in a Rochas box. The whole thing sends us back to the image of a woman full of life in the heart of a typically romantic Paris.

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