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Mademoiselle Rochas the new perfume

Mademoiselle Rochas the new perfume
Mademoiselle Rochas the new perfume

Mademoiselle Rochas, the seductive spirit mixed with French elegance

It has been a few months since we heard of something new to come at Rochas. Yes but now, the surprise remained for the moment whole … However, the news has just fallen and we now know what it is! The new essence of Rochas will be called Mademoiselle Rochas and is already announced as being a concentrate of seduction, flowers and elegance. With this new perfume, Rochas intends to breathe a breath of romanticism on the perfume department while retaining its typically Parisian touch.

A tribute to Madame Rochas

If only by name, it goes without saying that the Mademoiselle Rochas perfume is an echo of its predecessor Madame Rochas, born in 1960. In addition, this one is one of the most famous creations of the Rochas house. It is a perfume developed by Hélène Rochas herself who wanted above all to create a fragrance in her image. She had been forced to succeed her husband when his sudden death in 1955. With her determination, she was one of the first women in the world to run such a business. She wanted her perfume to “perpetuate the elegance of Rochas while reflecting the spirit of the independent woman that [she] had become”. Now, Mademoiselle Rochas appears to be the worthy successor of this iconic fragrance, simply aimed at a new generation of women.

The romantic fragrance of Rochas

To succeed this legend, Rochas has chosen to integrate the most universal message in terms of perfumery into its new composition. Thus, Mademoiselle Rochas gravitates mainly around the scent of flowers. Its heart is composed of rose and Egyptian jasmine. Thus, it turns out to be a particularly romantic composition. Its top notes are more fruity and complemented in particular with blackcurrant and candy apples. Mademoiselle Rochas nevertheless ends with more sensuality. This wonderfully combines the smoothness of sandalwood and the animality of musk and ambergris.

Mademoiselle Rochas and her insanely feminine bottle

On the bottle side, Mademoiselle Rochas is presented to us in a case that is both sober and very refined. It adopts a round shape with rigorously worked details. The transparent glass of this case lets us glimpse the femininity of a tender pink juice. The whole is also decorated on its front face with a round grosgrain label on which is inscribed the name of this perfume. A white ribbon synonymous with purity is attached at his collar. The whole is finally topped with a metallic gray cabochon which says a lot about the modernity of this new juice.

Noémie Schmidt as Rochas muse

Finally, let us note that Mademoiselle Rochas will be embodied on the screen by the talented actress Noémie Schmidt. This one became known in particular in the series “Versailles” or in “The Student and Mr. Henri”. From the top of her 25 years, the latter became, on January 1, 2017, the official muse of Rochas. She thus confided: “it is a joy and a pride for me to work with a prestigious, generous house of the quality of the Rochas house.

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