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Mademoiselle Rochas, the return of a legend at an affordable price

Mademoiselle Rochas, the return of a legend at an affordable price
Mademoiselle Rochas, the return of a legend at an affordable price

In 1960, Rochas created one of its greatest perfumes: Femme de Rochas. Now, to capture a new generation of consumers, the brand has chosen to publish a successor: Mademoiselle Rochas . Also subtitled “Frenchic”, this juice is advertised as the embodiment of “natural French chic”. But then, how much can this new luxury to slip into the crook of your neck cost? Focus on its many advantages and its very affordable price on our site.

Mademoiselle Rochas, a digest of quality

Mademoiselle Rochas is a perfume that does not skimp on quality. Indeed, it was made by one of the best perfumers of our time. It is the work of Anne Flipo, one of the best perfumers of her generation. She then chose to portray all the complexity of femininity in a single bottle. Thus, Mademoiselle Rochas contains innumerable facets. Very modern fragrance, this one is at the same time greedy, feminine, sensual and delicate. Its composition results from a very qualitative choice in terms of raw materials. Mademoiselle Rochas contains in particular the two most famous flowers of women’s perfumery: rose and jasmine. Likewise, Rochas seems to have shown an extreme mastery in visual matters. Mademoiselle Rochas is nestled in a round-shaped bottle, a silhouette synonymous with optimism and serenity for multiple cultures around the world. Every detail of this container has been worked with extreme refinement. Thus, a knot tied to the hand is fixed at the level of its collar. A very couture label decorates the whole and a brushed metal stopper brings more modernity to this visual. Beneath its apparent simplicity, Mademoiselle Rochas is therefore the work of very successful research.

The very affordable price of Mademoiselle Rochas at www.fragrenza

Therefore, such know-how could suggest a somewhat exorbitant price … However, it is not. As always, our site is attached to present this perfume to you at the most affordable price possible. Mademoiselle Rochas comes to us in three different formats. Its smaller capacity, 30 ml, is offered to you on our site at a price of € 44.50, a real bargain if we consider that the French buy on average perfumes for € 57. What is more, note that other retailers sell this perfume at a much higher price. For example, Marionnaud offers this same fragrance at 56 €. If, however, you are already seduced by this new perfume, also know that it is available in 50 ml for € 60.50 or in 100ml for € 84.50. Still for comparison, note that Marionnaud offers these two bottles at the respective prices of 76 € or 105 €. At this price, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of this new perfume

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