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Maintain a radiant complexion with Clarins Gentle Polishing Exfoliant

Maintain a radiant complexion with Clarins Gentle Polishing Exfoliant
Maintain a radiant complexion with Clarins Gentle Polishing Exfoliant

Exfoliate your skin with Clarins Gentle Polishing

Clarins has made the preservation of beauty its priority. Today, it is one of the most recognized brands in the world when it comes to cosmetology. Its unrivaled know-how and its extraordinary mastery of plants make it the number one brand in Europe for high-end skincare. While Clarins now offers a wide choice of products, it more often emphasizes cleansing the skin. Indeed, unclogging the pores of the epidermis is essential to maintain a radiant complexion and full of life as long as possible. Its Gentle Polishing offers you a new generation scrub that will make your skin particularly smooth and toned.

Why should you exfoliate your skin?

Exfoliation, also called a scrub, involves removing dead cells and impurities that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Indeed, if the layer of dead cells located on the upper part of your skin surface is too large, this can have many consequences. The skin becomes duller and rougher. It also blocks her breathing, so she is less oxygenated. Therefore, she seems devitalized. The epidermis becomes drier and clogged pores can give rise to pimples. Regular exfoliation of the skin therefore limits its effects, and helps accelerate cell renewal. Thanks to it, the skin can breathe again and become more radiant. The exfoliation makes the epidermis softer, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Finally,

The benefits of Clarins Gentle Polishing

The Gentle Refiner Clarins is an exfoliating product to the very smooth. It is formulated with two different categories of micrograins. Some of them are exfoliating and some are polishing. This double action offers formidable efficiency. Clarins Gentle Polisher gently unclogs the skin and removes all impurities and dead cells. At the same time, it tightens the pores of the epidermis. Your skin immediately appears smoother, clearer and more comfortable.

How to apply Clarins Gentle Polishing?

Clarins Gentle Polishing is applied once or twice a week to the face and neck. It is used on previously cleansed and moistened skin. However, be very careful to avoid the area around your eyes. Apply a small amount of this product to your fingertips, and lightly massage your face with light circular motions. This massage will also help activate your blood circulation. As a result, your face will be even more radiant. Then finish its application by rinsing the product with lukewarm water. All you have to do is admire the result, and notice that your skin is as soft as a caress!

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