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Make-up essential: Blush Subtil by Lancôme

Make-up essential: Blush Subtil by Lancôme
Make-up essential: Blush Subtil by Lancôme

Illuminate your face with Lancôme Subtle Blush

The Lancôme house is one of the most beautiful brands in our French heritage. Founded in 1935, it thrives today thanks to its many activities, and more particularly its perfumery and makeup. Lancôme has only one ambition: to sublimate women and make them more beautiful and more elegant every day. Thus, to illuminate your face, Lancôme invites you to discover its Subtle Blush. An essential beauty product, blush adds a touch of color to your skin, as if you had just spent a day in the great outdoors.

The Subtle Blush in a few words

Blush is essential for makeup. Indeed, if the fresh air is used to give a good look, it must be recognized that it is almost impossible to have pretty cheeks all pink naturally throughout the year. This is precisely where Lancôme’s Subtle Blush comes in. From its application, it gives an impression of good glow and enhances the color of your skin. If the foundation is used to even out the face and to smooth the features, the Subtle Blush appears as the little extra touch to perfect its finish. To meet all your desires and harmonize as closely as possible to your skin, the Subtle Blush is available in a wide choice of shades, from the most nude to the most intense. Each of its colors offers a very natural rendering and exemplary hold. Furthermore, all Lancôme Subtle Blushes are suitable for all skin types. The micro-mousse formula of Blush Subtil by Lancôme is soft and silky. It slides easily on the face and applies without demarcation, in a very uniform way. What is more, theBlush Subtil is very comfortable to wear. Finally, know that it contains mattifying and balancing properties that respect the epidermis.

Applying your Subtle Blush correctly, quite an art!

Lancôme’s Subtle Blush can have several functions. First of all, it is used to illuminate the cheekbones. To do this, simply apply it directly to your cheeks and gently stretch it towards your temples. To help you perform this gesture, and to identify the area to apply makeup, all you have to do is smile. Therefore, know that the Subtle Blush is applied to the rounded area of ​​your face. If, on the other hand, you want to emphasize your cheeks, it should be applied from the top of your cheeks to the outer corner of your eyes and eyebrows. On the other hand, to achieve this makeup, it is better to choose a lighter shade. Finally, to sculpt your cheeks and make them more prominent, start from the top of your ear and go back down into the hollow of your cheek. To identify the area to be made up, lightly suck your skin to hollow out your face. The Subtle Blush is to be spread directly in the hollow area. However, whatever method you choose, don’t forget to blend the powder well and keep your hand light to avoid the “clown” effect.

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