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Marc Jacobs – DECADENCE perfume

Marc Jacobs perfume DECADENCE
Marc Jacobs perfume DECADENCE

On June 18, 2015, Marc Jacobs gave a small party in New York for the launch of his latest fragrance: Décadence.

Everything takes place in a sort of small theater, a stone’s throw from Chinatown. At the entrance, a transvestite and a dwarf. The atmosphere inside is dark and poetic. Everything is very intimate and has a maximum of sixty people… Strange, isn’t it? In reality, Marc Jacobs dares not fall into the cliché of a big party full of social events and this is where all the decadence of the evening takes place. If the launch of the Decadance fragrance is surprising, it is nothing compared to the adventurous design of its bottle and the fragrance it contains.

The glamor and daring of Marc Jacobs

To contain his new fragrance, Marc Jacobs has not been discreet. The bottle of decadence surprises and does not go unnoticed. A true icon of the house, this is an emerald green handbag with a golden chain. The latter is dressed in a black piton cabochon and a tassel, very couture. It is clearly inspired by Marc Jacobs trends and asserts its sassy side.

Decadence fragrance ad
Decadence fragrance ad

On the musicians side, here again Marc Jacobs does not do things by halves. It is about glamor and impertinence. It is the famous Brazilian model Adriana Lima who was chosen to play the role of ultra sexy ambassador of the brand. In a campaign by Steven Meisel, she is more sensual than ever, biting the chain of the Decadence bottle. Of course, Marc Jacobs did not choose it at random and the latter is not unknown to him. She notably paraded for the haute couture brand during the last fashion week. With this muse in great demand and very fashionable at the moment, Marc Jacobs affirms his notoriety seems to open the way to a new great success.

Décadence, a floral and woody mix

When it comes to olfactory sensations, Décadence also knows how to assert its difference. Developed by master perfumer Annie Buzantian, in collaboration with Marc Jacobs and Ann Gottlieb, Décadence is a sassy and daring fragrance. Its top note is very floral and syrupy although accompanied by a hint of spices. Indeed, its Italian plum gives off a fruity and velvety sensation, enhanced by a hint of saffron. In addition, the Iris brings a touch of lightness and affirms the prestigious side of Marc Jacobs’ perfume. Indeed, this ingredient is one of the most expensive in the range of perfumers and is only used in luxury perfumery. His heart is very flowery, as if we were offered a huge bouquet of roses from Bulgaria. Finally, Jasmine de Sambac softens everything with its creamy nuances. Decadence leaves us with a feeling that is at the same time rich, luxuriant and delicate. On the other hand, its wake leaves behind a much drier aspect. Amber and vetiver bring a very woody side that the papyrus wood warms up to give the Decadence fragrance all its roundness.

However, rest assured ladies, if its audacity goes perfectly with all the irreverence of Marc Jacobs’ outfits, it will only affirm your sexy and sophisticated side. Thus making you more feminine, it will emphasize your glamorous side and, strange as it may seem, Decadence will suit you perfectly.

Decadence Pub with Adriana Lima

Marc Jacobs perfumes have offered the services of the lovely Adriana Lima for the new DECADENCE perfume. It perfectly reflects the sensuality, luxury and glamor of this new fragrance for women.

Discover the video of the ad

Olfactory Family:  Fresh – Woody – Amber

Head note: Plum, Iris, Saffron.

Heart note: Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Iris

Base note: Amber, Vetiver, Papyrus.

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