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Matière Noire, the most thrilling scented adventure

Dark Matter, the most thrilling adventure
Dark Matter, the most thrilling adventure

Louis Vuitton was born in 1821 in a town in the Jura. At the age of 14, young Louis decided to leave his city to walk to Paris. He finds a job as an apprentice “layetier-packeur-trunk-maker” and he makes travel trunks there. It was in 1854 that Louis Vuitton opened its first boutique. By creating “the flat trunk”, Louis Vuitton is revolutionizing the world of luggage and the fairy tale can finally begin … After the success we know it, Louis Vuitton unveils a line of perfumes, in which we discover an invitation to travel ” Black matter “.

The Louis Vuitton Parfums collection

The Louis Vuitton Parfums collection is 7 fragrances, each more exceptional than the next. At the same time sober, chic and ultra elegant, its fragrances sublimate noble raw materials. The Louis Vuitton brand describes “Matière Noire” as “a mixture of dark wood and white flowers in a world of mystery. Exploring the universe is the ultimate travel adventure and the most thrilling adventure ”. “Matière Noire” reconciles the masculine and the feminine that lies dormant in each of us, in a very sensual skin story. “Dark Matter” invites us to explore the darkest part of ourselves, the deepest.  Matière Noire” is a fragrance that is both magical and disturbing which explores in turn the facets of Laos agarwood, blackcurrant, centifolia rose, cyclamen, frankincense and benzoin… “Losing your bearings to feel even closer to yourself”.

Matière Noire, luxurious notes and noble materials

It is the Jacques Cavallier Belletrud nose that is at the origin of the entire Louis Vuitton Parfums collection. The latter let his imagination wander, and his association with the brand lasted 4 years before obtaining 7 new essences.

“Dark matter” opens with a profusion of blackcurrant syrup. These are associated with aquatic notes. The heart of “Matière Noire” is ultra floral thanks to the presence of cyclamen, narcissus, sambac jasmine and centifolia rose. The latter is here, extracted with CO2. This cold extraction process, which sublimates the rose, is a feature of the Vuitton house. Finally, the base of “Matière Noire” highlights the wood of oud, a very sought-after and very expensive raw material. Its use is therefore rather rare and the wood of oud gives off a woody , warm and resinous scent . This is then associated with patchouli, benzoin and incense, giving the whole an addictive sensuality to say the least.

As for the bottle, it is the work of Australian designer Marc Newson. Very popular, the latter is known for its daring and refined designs. It is precisely this minimalist bottle that we discover here for “Matière Noire”. The glass is heavy and looks like an apothecary’s vial. The whole is topped with a black metallic cap highlighting the brand’s “LV” emblem. Its transparent base lets us glimpse the pink-purple color of its radiant nectar.

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