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October, 2
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    Mon Paris Star Edition Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum

    The bewitching fragrance of Mon Paris Star Edition

    Also, it is precisely these latter that the Yves Saint-Laurent house has decided to integrate into its iconic perfume Mon Paris. This one reinvents itself and delivers us the most sparkling of juices in a new version called Mon Paris Star Edition.

    The bewitching fragrance of Mon Paris Star Edition

    My Paris Star Edition is a perfume ideally designed to make stars appear in the eyes of your beloved with a simple breath. In addition, as it appeared in February 2017, it is synonymous with gesture of love and turns out to be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. At the same time subversive, powerful and sensual, Mon Paris Star Edition depicts the image of a Parisian liberated and madly seductive. It follows a first opus made by perfumers Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche and Harry Fremont. Thus, it is not diametrically opposed to the latter. My Paris Star Edition begins with an energizing blend of red fruits and bergamot . The red fruits give it a tangy and sparkling facet. Bergamot, the fruit of crossing lemon and sour orange, gives it more liveliness in a citrus drive. Then, Mon Paris Star Edition takes on a more floral impetus. It draws its mystery from the Datura flower, a plant that some call “Trumpet of death” while others prefer to call it “Trumpet of the angels”. This is associated here with the opulence of jasmine. Finally, My Paris Star Edition ends with a particularly bewitching contrast. It harmoniously combines the tender purity of white musks and the structured elegance of patchouli.

    Revisiting a cult bottle of Yves Saint Laurent

    On the bottle side, Mon Paris Star Edition is obviously inspired by its predecessor. However, its history is much older than that. In fact, the setting for Mon Paris Star Edition takes its source from the Paris perfume of 1983. This was contained in a faceted glass globe, “like so much joy that the city of lovers has in store”. Also, it was reinterpreted in 2016 on the occasion of the creation of the perfume Mon Paris. This case has a look very similar to Mon Paris Star Edition. Both are contained in a bottle perpetuating the heritage of Paris perfume. It still has a silhouette embellished with multiple facets. Its thick glass is synonymous with quality and refinement. It elegantly reflects a pink elixir contrasting with the black lavallière of this perfume tied at its collar. It’s’ elsewhere on this point that Mon Paris Star Edition makes all the difference with its predecessors. This is embellished with a black fabric decorated with silver stars. Everything thus takes on a more rock look for a particularly modern rendering that is free from conventions.

    My Paris Star Edition, the new scented constellation of Yves Saint-Laurent

    Paris is a starred city in every sense of the word. Just imagine the scenery: the banks of the Seine on a summer evening and topped by a starry sky. The stars lining the signs of the most beautiful restaurants. The stars in the eyes of the spectators of Parisian cabarets. The theater stage of the 10th arrondissement called Les Etoiles… Paris does not bear its name of City of Light for no reason. Thus, it is now in the perfume Mon Paris by Yves Saint-Laurent that the stars invite themselves. Focus on the new Mon Paris Star Edition.

    All the love of Yves Saint-Laurent for Paris

    If the Yves Saint-Laurent house had chose to develop, in 2016, a perfume called Mon Paris, it is above all because Paris embodied a real passion for Mr. Yves Saint-Laurent himself. He saw her as a symbol of eternal love and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Moreover, it is precisely in this place that the talented Yves Saint-Laurent spent most of his time, developing his career but also his personal life. My Paris nevertheless remains a juice aimed at a modern and free-spirited woman. So, just like him, the new Mon Paris Star Edition is considered to be an avant-garde fragrance, super sensual and similar to a spontaneous love story. This one seems to have been thought to arouse fantasies, play with passion and encourage love with daring. My Paris Star Edition is a perfume capable of making a woman’s eyes shine brightly with a single breath. It is a trip to the heart of the most romantic city in the world.

    The new starry spell of Mon Paris Star Edition

    My Paris Star Edition follows a first installment developed by perfumers Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche and Harry Fremont. This time, it is a question of a new interpretation of this essence in a more rock spirit dotted with silver stars. It all rhymes with passion and freedom. My Paris Star Edition begins with a fresh and tangy blend of bergamot and red fruits. His heart, meanwhile, is more bewitching. It envelops itself in the floral intensity of jasmine and datura flower. Finally, Mon Paris Star Edition ends with a carnal but limpid trail playing on the contrast between patchouli and white musks. The bottle of the new Mon Paris Star Edition is clearly recognizable. It adopts the same shape as its predecessor, perpetuating the heritage of the very first Paris bottle created in 1983. Its pink elixir shines through in a multi-faceted silhouette. Only his tie tied at the top is metamorphosed. This time it is surrounded by a black ribbon decorated with silver stars. Everything is resolutely modern and more festive than ever.

    Yves Saint Laurent presents a new interpretation of Mon Paris, its already iconic fragrance, with Mon Paris Star Edition.
    A rock spirit spiced with stars silver. The Limited Edition Mon Paris Star Edition is the dream gesture of love for Valentine’s Day.
    Delicately subversive, powerful and sensual.

    And now set with stars. Between passion and freedom, daring and femininity, this Eau de Parfum combines the sensuality of White Musks with the hypnotic accord of Datura flower and the intensity of an exceptional Patchouli.

    My Paris invites you to lose your senses in the heart of vertiginous Paris. My Paris by Yves Saint Laurent, the scent of terrible lovers to experience the intensity of Crazy Love.

    Head: Red Fruits, Bergamot. Heart: Datura, Jasmine. Base: Patchouli, White Musks.

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