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My Paris Couture Yves Saint Laurent

The fragrance Mon Paris Yves Saint Laurent offers a Haute Couture dress

So, even if the creator has left us, the brand that bears his name has decided to perpetuate this heritage. In 2016, the Yves Saint-Laurent brand chose to make a perfume called Mon Paris . Became an Eau de Toilette in 2016, it is revealed once again today in a Couture version.

My Paris Couture, the scent of love in the most dizzying sense

Paris is a symbol of love around the world. The marriage proposals at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the innumerable padlocks on the Pont des Arts, the walks hand in hand on the banks of the Seine… It is all this that forges the reputation of our capital throughout the planet. These are also the elements that inspired the creation of the Mon Paris collection. This perfume is the symbol of a city in which everything is possible. He is a concentrate of spontaneous emotions and seems to be dictated only by his fantasies and his desire for freedom. However, in this new version, Mon Paris Couture rather gives us the image of a serious love made to last. It is no longer a question of a passing romance but of love with a capital A.

The return of the iconic Paris bottle by Yves Saint Laurent

The bottle of Mon Paris Couture has been worked with extreme precision, so as to embody the most beautiful gift to give to his beloved. It continues the heritage of the very first Paris perfume bottle, created in 1983 by Yves Saint-Laurent. Its thick and refined glass hides a pink juice similar to a precious elixir. Resolutely modern while retaining a retro feel, the Mon Paris Couture bottle is decorated with a leather bow tie attached to an elegant silver cassandre bearing the initials of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. Her satin ribbon, on the other hand, traded in its uniform black color for a white polka dot colorway.

Mon Paris Couture YSL offers a lemony and floral freshness

From then on, all that remains is to remove its small transparent cabochon to get drunk on its scent. This time, Mon Paris Couture gives us a striking and lemony freshness accompanied by an enormous floral heart. It all starts with a combination of citrus fruits. Bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin refresh a duo of raspberry and lychee. Then, femininity and romanticism take over. My Paris Couture is loaded with datura, white peony, orange blossom, rosebuds and rose infusion. The whole is based on a more seductive and creamy base of patchouli, white musk, cashmere and ambroxan. My Paris Couture was produced by the same trio of perfumers as its elder, composed of the talented Olivier Cresp, Harry Fremont and Dora Baghriche-Arnaud.

The Yves Saint-Laurent perfume house likes to draw precious and original perfumes the greatest loves of its emblematic founder. With Mon Paris, a pretty descendant of Paris composed in 1983, Dora Baghriche, Harry Frémont and Olivier Cresp offered Yves Saint-Laurent in 2017 a City of Light sublimated by modern and universal agreements. For Mon Paris Couture, the three perfumers made the “bet”, of a light and springtime Paris with the mischievous-chic image of La Parisienne…

Mon Paris Couture, an ode to spring and flowery Paris by Dora Baghriche, Harry Frémont and Olivier Cresp

Yves Saint-Laurent fragrances are all imbued with the bohemian chic spirit of its founder and late fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent. From Pour Homme, Rive Gauche or the flamboyant Opium, Yves Saint-Laurent fragrances have never lacked audacity and have always sought to stand out.

For Mon Paris, Yves Saint-Laurent sought to draw the woman of today but also the woman almost contrary to its star fragrance of the moment Black Opium by offering no longer the splendor of sensual notes but rather the sweetness and elegance of floral notes. Where Black Opium is at night, Mon Paris is day and an ode to light.

My Paris Couture, still composed by the trio of talented perfumers from the beginning, will appeal much more to freshness, specialty of Harry Frémont, than before. However, Olivier Cresp’s delicacies will not be forgotten in this new opus and Dora Baghriche will once again take us with Mon Paris Couture to her favorite fields of flowers.

“Because in Paris … The vertigo of limitless Love. This is the city where anything can happen. Cradle of Love, cradle of Couture, Mon Paris Couture celebrates the lively heart and scintillating soul of Paris. »Yves Saint-Laurent for Mon Paris Couture.

A white chypre for a sparkling Yves Saint-Laurent spring with Mon Paris Couture

My Paris Couture will know how to preserve the splendor of the luminous contrasts of its elder Mon Paris thanks to the sparkling starters, the flowery heart and the sensual depths. But Dora Baghriche, Harry Frémont and Olivier Cresp have added touches of freshness and spring flowers to this Paris Couture that carry us away in our lightest and sparkling Parisian dreams. More than ever, Mon Paris Couture is drawing Paris in its brightest aspects…

My Paris Couture therefore opens with intense and invigorating freshness of bergamot, tangerine, raspberry and lychee to offer a tangy fruity cocktail that is as European as it is deliciously Asian. A grapefruit note has been added to this start to make it even more dazzling.

At the heart, datura and peony flowers mingle with the opulent orange blossom to carry us away in an exquisite wind where the rosebud, the fragrance’s new guest, plays with its delicacy to seduce us even more. Finally, the depths of Mon Paris Couture are smoother and more sensual than ever thanks to the woody notes of patchouli, musk, ambroxan and cashmeran.


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