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October, 3
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    Rive Gauche Eau de Toilette for Men Yves Saint Laurent

    Rive Gauche pour Homme, the masculine reinterpretation of a legendary YSL fragrance

    It was in 1961 that the young and shy couturier founded his own house, rue de la Boëtie, in Paris. From the start, he caused scandals, in particular by posing naked for one of these perfumes, but also by encouraging women to come out of their shackles, then by creating a collection and then a “Riva Gauche” perfume. However, it was not until 2003 that the YSL house presented its male counterpart, “Rive Gauche pour Homme”.

    Rive Gauche or the interpretation of freedom according to Yves Saint Laurent

    The history of Rive Gauche begins in 1966, when Yves Saint Laurent presented a collection of ready-to-wear for women. The latter revealed to us free, unpredictable women. The style of women’s clothing was sexy for the time and especially masculine. This is why YSL wanted to create a perfume of the same name. “Rive Gauche” released in 1971, is the perfume of women, the one that delicately whispers in her ear “You are free” … It was however only in 2003 that the YSL house decided to present its male version “Rive Gauche pour Homme. ”Like its female counterpart,“ Rive Gauche pour Homme ”is a fragrance of independence and freedom. The“ Rive Gauche ”man is reassuring and sure of himself and fully assumes his strengths and weaknesses. Male and female,

    The fern-woody accord of the Rive Gauche perfume for Men

    As a nod to the release of “Rive Gauche pour Femme” and, at the same time, to the 1970s, YSL is giving pride of place to the fougère-woody accord, very popular at that time. The perfumer Jacques Cavallier was chosen to create this timeless perfume. “Rive Gauche pour Homme” begins with the invigorating freshness of bergamot. and rosemary. The heart is also aromatic with lavender and geranium. Nevertheless, the clove comes he re to offer a stronger, much more masculine temperament. The base of “Rive Gauche pour Homme” is ultra virile, as it is composed of vetiver, patchouli, oak moss, and guaiac wood. This last ingredient brings a touch of modernity to the fern-woody accord. The first bottle took up the codes of its predecessor and was tinted with black and silver bands. Today, “Rive Gauche pour Homme” is part of the “Classic Perfume Collection” of the YSL house. As such, the new bottle resembles all those in the iconic collection. It then takes on the shape of a clean glass in the shape of a cube. It is surrounded by a black label, Yves Saint Laurent‘s favorite color, on which the name of the perfume appears. The whole gives an ultra elegant rendering. Yves Saint Laurent’s favorite color, in which the name of the perfume appears. The whole gives an ultra elegant rendering. Yves Saint Laurent’s favorite color, in which the name of the perfume appears. The whole gives an ultra elegant rendering.

    “Rive Gauche pour Femme”, the first fragrance from the YSL house, left its mark on public opinion and contributed to the liberation of women. “Rive Gauche pour Hommes” is also a fragrance of freedom and independence which offers men confidence and charisma.

    “Rive Gauche for Men ”Was created in 2003 and followed the immense success of“ Rive Gauche pour Femme ”released in 1971. At that time, the feminine revolution was in full swing and the fashion designer, to say the least impertinent, had liked to take part. Whispering in women’s ears, “You are free”, Yves Saint Laurent is making his work a part of history. If “Rive Gauche pour Homme” takes us back to 1970, there is nonetheless the scent of free men.

    Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche pour Homme, a timeless reinterpretation by Jacques Cavallier

    In order to compose the fragrance of free men, the Yves Saint Laurent house chose Jacques Cavallier Bellestrud as perfumer. Born in Grasse in 1962, Jacques Cavallier grew up among fields of flowers. He began his career at Charabot, then joined Quest and Firmenich in Switzerland in 1990. Since 2012, Jacques Cavallier has been the official perfumer of the Louis Vuitton brand. Jacques Cavallier is a fan of raw materials. In 2000, he obtained the title of master perfumer then, in 2004, he obtained the François Coty Prize. Jacques Cavallier is a very discreet perfumer who possesses extraordinary know-how. He claims “not to have the ambition to create rare and exceptional perfumes, but fragrances that will appeal to the greatest number”. We owe Jacques Cavallier some great perfumes, including “Poème” by Lancôme, “Nina” by Nina Ricci and “Rose des Vents” by Louis Vuitton.

    Rive Gauche pour Homme, a fragrance between elegance and power

    “Rive Gauche pour Homme” soars on the power of aromatic notes such as lavender, rosemary, star anise associated with bergamot. Rosemary is native to countries around the Mediterranean. Its name comes from the Latin “Ros Marinus” which means “Dew of the sea”. Rosemary has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. In ancient Greece, young people made rosemary wreaths to improve their memory as well as their intellectual faculty. This is why a saying goes, “Rosemary is to mind what lavender is to soul”. During major epidemics, people would wear a small bag of rosemary around their necks for protection and burn rosemary in the sick room. Today, rosemary is used in cooking, essential oil, herbal medicine, herbal tea and perfumery. There, it releases tones that are at the same time fresh, aromatic, herbaceous, camphoric and woody. Then, the heart of “Rive Gauche pour Homme” combines geranium and cloves to give the YSL man all his freedom and complexity. Finally, the base of “Rive Gauche pour Homme” is woody and sensual and combines oak moss, patchouli, vetiver and guaiac wood. The precious nectar is contained in the emblematic bottle of the “Classic Perfumes” collection from the YSL house. Uncluttered in the shape of a cube, the bottle is surrounded by a large black label, the couturier’s favorite color.


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