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Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Eau de Toilette

Baby Doll, the deliciously sassy fragrance

From the start, the couturier liked to break free from codes and emancipate women through sexier and more masculine fashion. His first perfume “Rive Gauche” is an incitement to freedom. Other perfumes will cause a scandal, in particular like “Opium” released in 1977. In 1999, the brand presents “Baby Doll”, a fragrance halfway between woman and child.

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll, an irresistible contrast

The image of “Baby Doll” is that of a contrasting fragrance. The personality of “Baby Doll” is located halfway between woman and child. Between childish sensuality and femme fatale, “Baby Doll” is unlike anyone else. Its essence is intended for the prettiest girl in the capital, a bewitching, tender and sensual child woman. “Baby Doll” is a multifaceted female child. This is why it can be, in turn, spontaneous, impertinent, mischievous, wild, sentimental, or unpredictable. “Baby Doll” is above all spontaneity and the joy of living. Both playful and chic, “Baby Doll” offers a complex and contrasting essence, but who undeniably knows how to turn men’s heads… Did you say sassy?

The complex scent notes of Baby Doll

< p> “Baby Doll” is a complex composition, made of contrasts. “Baby Doll” is defined as a fresh, gourmet and daring trail. The start is fresh and fruity, and “Baby Doll” starts with notes of grapefruit, orange, apple, pineapple and blackcurrant. The heart of “Baby Doll” is flowery and delicate, thanks to the presence of rose, lily of the valley, freesia and heliotrope. Finally, the base evolves towards an exacerbated sensuality, because it is composed of vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood and tonka bean. As for the bottle, it simply has the shape of a top. Its transparent glass is entirely faceted, as is the golden-colored stopper. The candy pink base of “Baby Doll” contrasts with the circumference of its opaque black collar. Bold, sassy and truly timeless,

Released in 1999, “Baby Doll” is the fragrance of a sassy child woman. She is portrayed using multiple character traits, and her true personality rings like a secret. At the same time, discreet, unexpected, sensual, discreet, uncompromising or mischievous, “Baby Doll” capsizes the hearts of all those who approach her.

Released in 1999, “ Baby Doll ”is a fragrance that is at once daring, floral, fruity and sparkling. Willingly sassy, ​​the “Baby Doll” woman is a childish woman who easily succumbs to love at first sight, and that gives her wings. Between woman and child, “Baby Doll” displays a personality between childish sensuality and femme fatale. If the fragrance plays on contrasts, it is nonetheless ultra romantic. At the same time fresh, greedy and daring “Baby Doll” is noticed not without a certain emotion.

Baby Doll: The woman child of Cécile Matton

In order to create this romantic composition, Yves Saint Laurent called on Cécile Matton. His long studies in perfumery took him to a love of perfumery and to exceptional know-how. Because she lived in Zaire, Cécile Matton developed very powerful sensory skills. Cécile Matton embraces life to the fullest and her dynamism is felt through her olfactory compositions. She particularly enjoys instilling a fruity, sensual and sparkling energy into the scents she creates. She also likes to work with orcanox, musks or even materials filled with sensuality. Cécile Matton is hired at Mane and she is at the origin of many successes, among which, “Bonbon” by Victor & amp; Rolf or “Stronger with You” by Armani.

Baby Doll, cheerful and sparkling scent notes

Cécile Matton therefore wished to start her composition with ultra fruity and sweet notes, namely that of pineapple, apple, blackcurrant and orange. Originally from Paraguay, pineapple migrated little by little thanks to the Indians who carried it everywhere, calling it “nana”, which means “the fruit”. It was then Christopher Columbus who brought him back from Guadeloupe, and pineapple made its appearance in Europe. Louis XIV demanded that his gardeners grow pineapples in the greenhouses of the Château de Choisy-Le-Roi.

In perfumery, pineapple gives off very sunny fruity tones. Then, the heart of “Baby Doll” then evolves towards ultra flowery notes thanks to the presence of freesia, heliotrope, lily of the valley and rose, enhanced by the spicy tones of cardamom and ginger. Native to South Africa, freesia is the symbol of unconditional love. The freesia is a flower bulb made up of a flexible flower stalk that bears flat, linear, sheathing flowers. In perfumery, freesia is what is called a silent flower, that is, it cannot offer aromas. These are then reproduced in the laboratory using synthetic molecules. The freesia gives off flowery, soft, suave and jasmine tones. Finally, the base of “Baby Doll” evolves towards an exacerbated sensuality and combines vanilla, white musks, cedarwood, sandalwood and tonka bean. The bottle of “Baby Doll” is shaped like a spinning top. Its glass is entirely faceted, like the stopper, which gives it an ultra chic look. The candy-pink colored nectar nevertheless contrasts with the opaque black collar ring, playing on the contrasts one last time.

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