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Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Zebra Eau de Parfum

Black Opium Zebra: Limited Valentine’s Day Edition

In 2014, Yves Saint-Laurent decided to reinvent and modernize it, giving birth to Black Opium , a concentrate of caffeinated adrenaline. Since then, Black Opium has already seen many interpretations of its scent or its bottle. Once again, in 2021, Yves Saint-Laurent intoxicates us with a new variation. Its fragrance remains unchanged but its bottle is transformed, for our greatest pleasure and that of collectors. Prepare to welcome Black Opium Zebra…

The new bottle of Black Opium Zebra

Since this is its main novelty, let’s start by showing you the look of the new Yves Saint-Laurent bottle . Black Opium Zebra seems quite familiar to us. However, there is something new about it. Its allure remains intact, always marrying the curves and the square. Likewise, a round porthole is always present in its center, like a window open to its secret and mysterious world. Its unique touch comes rather from its zebra and glitter pattern. Its glass is tinted a slightly transparent black, while being traversed by numerous stripes in black and silver glitter. This unique pattern only amplifies the rock and magnetic side of this perfume. Black Opium Zebra has put on her most beautiful evening outfit,

The unchanged smell of Black Opium Zebra by Yves Saint-Laurent

On the scent side, however, Black Opium Zebra remains exactly the same as its 2014 predecessor. Yves Saint-Laurent has chosen to preserve the recipe designed by perfumers Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Honorine Blanc and Olivier Cresp. Aimed at strong and captivating women, Black Opium Zebra creates a thrill on the skin. For this, it is based on a game of chiaroscuro. With him, opposites attract and become one, in an olfactory explosion. It all starts with a sip of coffee. Black Opium Zebra’s black coffee immediately catches the eye and appears as a boost paired with vibrant spices. The bitterness of this raw material is nevertheless softened by a bouquet of white flowers, composed of jasmine and orange blossom. A more luminous and radiant femininity emerges from this juice. The tangy pear adds a touch of indulgence to this fragrance. Finally, basically, Black Opium Zebra plays the femme fatale and seduction card. A suave vanilla envelops itself in cedar and patchouli, two ingredients giving this composition more opulence, persistence and depth.
With Black Opium Zebra, “Yves Saint-Laurent’s first floral coffee” reappears all the more. “The electrifying energy of black coffee meets the feminine sensuality of white flowers, all revealing the mysterious and delicious facets of vanilla. A vibrant and sensual contrast between shadow and light. Addictive? Terribly… ”


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