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Yves Saint Laurent Electric Blue Man’s Night Eau de Toilette

The Night of the Electric Blue Man: the new intense and spicy fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent

Then, on the strength of its success with men, it declined in a more nocturnal edition: La Night of Man . Since then, this masculine fragrance has never ceased to be talked about and to give birth to other derivatives of its scent. In 2021, the newcomer to the collection is called La Nuit de l’Homme Bleu Electrique. What if you brought a touch of adrenaline to your daily life by daring this electric thrill?

All the duality of the Yves Saint-Laurent man

Because man is multiple, Yves Saint- Laurent has decided to share with us all the complexity of his portrait in the perfume La Nuit de l’Homme Bleu Electrique. With him, it is about a man with two faces: nonchalant but charismatic by day, sensual and more casual at night! The modern man thus passes from the refined dandy to the urban bad boy in a snap of the fingers. It is therefore precisely these two aspects that we find simultaneously in the perfume La Nuit de l’Homme Bleu Electrique. With him, the perfect son-in-law becomes a seducer after dark.

The powerful vibration of The Night of the Electric Blue Man

The Nuit de l’Homme Bleu Electrique by Yves Saint-Laurent is a fragrance that is not made to go unnoticed. Far from shying away from the rest of the collection, it is inspired by its predecessors, while offering them an additional vibration. As Dominique Ropion, the perfumer in charge of its creation, explains so well, it is a “more intense and spicy interpretation of the Eau de Toilette Originelle La Nuit de l’Homme”. The Night of the Electric Blue Man sets off on a duo of ginger and cardamom. As a reminder, cardamom is a cold spice, while ginger is more peppery and slightly soapy. Note that it is also the most aphrodisiac ingredient there is. This sensuality immediately gives way to an aromatic and peppery heart of geranium and lavender. Here it is a Diva lavender, specifically designed for the Yves Saint-Laurent house. Finally, in a real burst of virility, La Nuit de l’Homme Bleu Electrique ends with a dry breath of cedar wood.

The electric blue gradient of the Yves Saint-Laurent bottle

On the aesthetic side, La Nuit de l’Homme Bleu Electrique uses the same design as its predecessors. This perfume is presented to us in a cylindrical glass case, surmounted by an imposing hexagonal stopper. Raw and industrial, ili is tinted with an opaque black, contrasting with the transparency of its electric blue. From then on, the bottle of The Night of the Electric Blue Man appeared like a flaming neon in the dark night.

The night is sometimes enough to give rise to the shivers and to suggest, for a moment, that anything is possible. At this very special moment, the sensuality is heightened. However, it is precisely this dark night that inspired the creation of one of Yves Saint-Laurent’s greatest perfumes: La Nuit de l’Homme. Considered one of the brand bestsellers, it never ceases to be talked about. Even today, in 2021, it returns to the front of the stage, with a new derivative of its cult scent. From now on, it is called The Night of the Electric Blue Man. More intense and electric, it raises the temperature a notch, by focusing above all on a sublime play of chiaroscuro. Decryption of its composition.

Top notes as spicy as they are seductive

The Night of the Electric Blue Man is a perfume that owes its existence of one of the greatest perfumers of our time: the talented Dominique Ropion. The latter likes to say that La Nuit de l’Homme Bleu Electrique is a “more intense and spicy interpretation of the Eau de Toilette Original La Nuit de l’Homme”. However, this indomitable ardor is felt from its top notes. The Night of the Electric Blue Man sets off on a spicy, refreshing and peppery alliance of cardamom and ginger. Cardamom is a plant cultivated in India, Indonesia and Guatemala, which gives rise to a very spicy, camphoric and aniseed scent. Considered a cold spice, it is here married to one of the most aphrodisiac ingredients there is: ginger, renowned for its soapy and slightly peppery appearance.

The floral and aromatic heart of La Nuit de The Electric Blue Man

Then, this electrifying start softens in a more floral heart. The Night of the Electric Blue Man contains lavender in particular. However, in this area, Yves Saint-Laurent has chosen excellence. The house is moving towards Diva lavender, a variety exclusively harvested in France, specifically for the Yves Saint-Laurent brand. Aromatic and floral, this one plunges us with elegance in the heart of the scrubland. It is associated with a geranium, a flower much appreciated by men, preserving the peppery side of this composition, like a red thread to be kept throughout its olfactory pyramid.

When the man’s virility Yves Saint-Laurent is gaining ground

Finally, little by little, Yves Saint-Laurent’s man reveals his darkest part to us. In the base notes of The Night of the Electric Blue Man, it becomes darker and amplifies its natural virility. For this, Yves Saint-Laurent opts for cedar wood, a raw material renowned for its persistence and drier appearance. Thanks to it, The Night of the Electric Blue Man displays excellent tenacity, without ever lacking charm or power.


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