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Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Silver Eau de Toilette

Kouros Silver, the olfactory hero of modern times

Provocative, agitator and avant-garde, the great shy man immediately stands out. He shocks the bourgeoisie he hates and likes to impose his own convictions. Her first collections are daring and very liberating for women. Its cosmetics and perfumes are innovative, intrepid and denote extraordinary know-how. In 1981, the YSL house unveiled “Kouros” , the fragrance of a Greek god. 34 years later, the brand presents “Kouros Silver”, the hero of modern times.

Kouros Silver the ultra modern Greek god of YSL

In 1981, YSL presented “Kouros”. With its overdose of animal, intoxicating and sensual notes, “Kouros” has the effect of a bomb in the universe of male perfumes. The man “Kouros” is beautiful like a Greek god and attracts all lusts. In 2000, the brand decided to expand the family with “Body Kouros”, an ultra sexy fern. Finally, in 2015, YSL unveils a new version with “Kouros Silver”. The third part of the Kouros saga is no exception to the rule of extreme sensuality. The legendary fragrance, however, offers a multifaceted modernity. Olivier Pescheux, one of the two noses, affirms “Our objective was to imagine something very different from the original, while remaining in the same vein, the same sensuality… Kouros sends a clear, rapid and powerful message that continues to have his fan club , but now we are no longer in this animality ”. “Kouros Silver” does not hesitate to display a sensuality without aggressiveness. The statue of the modern god is tinted for the occasion in a very contemporary silver-gray color.

The sensual notes of the Kouros Silver perfume

These are two very talented perfumers who are at the origin of “Kouros Silver”, namely Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard. “Kouros Silver” opens with an improbable apple accord. The latter is associated, in the heart, with sage, used here in overdose and which echoes the lavender used in the original fragrance. The base is an ultra sensual mix between amber and an accord of amber wood. The bottle, meanwhile, uses the main codes of its predecessor. In an ultra contemporary spirit, metallic gray replaces the white color of the original. As the name suggests, “Silver” is the metallic color, it is of the modern and sensual God, who is omnipresent here. The color gives the whole a powerful, charismatic and very modern rendering.

Third part of the “Kouros” saga, “Kouros Silver” embodies modernity, the contemporary sensual man. The Greek gods here take on the appearance of modern and ultra-virile heroes.


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