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Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de Parfum for Men

The Opium pour Homme fragrance, revisiting the myth, male version

Yves Saint Laurent reinterprets the women’s wardrobe by offering them sought-after clothes in the male wardrobe, such as the tuxedo, the Saharan or the tailor. In 1971, he once again revolutionized manners by training women to free themselves from their chains. Then, the scandal is not made wait for the release of Opium in 1977. This sulfurous name shocks, because some think that it is an incitement to debauchery. 18 years later, YSL will nonetheless offer “Opium pour Homme”, a devilish fragrance that is as legendary as ever.

The Opium myth continues with the Opium fragrance for Men

Released in 1977, “Opium pour Femme” revolutionized the world of international perfumery. A section of public opinion as well as some countries condemned “Opium” because it was supposed to incite debauchery, sex and drugs. The scandal it sparked as well as the enthusiasm of women around the world, has made this perfume with its sulphurous name, a myth, a story that we rarely encounter. It was not until 18 years later, in 1995, that the YSL house decided to present its male counterpart “Opium pour Homme”. Like the female version, “Opium pour Homme” plunges us into a bewitching, bewitching world. In the heart of the Orient, man exudes a sensuality hitherto unknown. He can his desire at the bottom of the mystery which characterizes him so well and incites an addiction of which only he has the secret. “Opium pour Homme” was thought to be a languid caress that delicately lands on the human skin. Like a carnal elixir, it captivates the man who wears it and the woman who smells it.

Opium pour Homme, fresh and ultra sensual scented notes

It is the perfumer Jacques Cavalier who is at the origin of this sulfurous composition, version for men. “Opium pour Homme” is defined as an oriental and spicy juice. Here, the oriental harmony, fresh and sensual is perfect. “Opium pour Homme” begins with the freshness of mandarin which combines with blackcurrant, star anise, lavender as well as the exotic freshness of star anise. The heart is a contrast between geranium and spicy notes. We find the intensity of Sichuan pepper, ginger and also Chinese galangal, an ingredient with high aphrodisiac properties. Finally, the base is sensual and virile, because it combines vanilla, Atlas cedar, sandalwood, tolu balm as well as an accord of precious woods. Like its feminine version, the “Opium pour Homme” bottle is inspired by a small Japanese vial, the Enro. This was worn on the Samurai belt. In thick glass, the bottle lets its brilliant, amber-colored juice show through. Its midnight blue cabochon gives the whole a very particular oriental refinement.

When the myth takes on the masculine allure… “Opium pour Homme” is of course the “Opium” fragrance released in 1977, reinvented for men. Oriental, spicy and fresh, its composition is particularly virile … The Opium myth is undoubtedly extended to men.

Released in 1995, ” Opium pour Homme “follows the immense success of” Opium “which saw the light of day in 1977. A true myth of perfumery,” Opium “hit the headlines when it was released, because its name symbolized debauchery and lust. With its power and sensuality, “Opium” nonetheless met with triumph. With “Opium pour Homme”, YSL opens up the mystery of male seduction. Enigmatic, but as powerful as its female counterpart, “Opium pour Homme” seduces, astonishes, dazzles. A magic signed Jacques Cavallier.

Jacques Cavallier composes Opium Homme YSL with masculine seduction

Born in 1962, in Grasse, Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud grew up in the middle of fields of flowers. It must be said that his father and grandfather were also perfumers. They have therefore passed on the love of perfumery from generation to generation. From 1990 to 2012, Jacques Cavallier will work for the Firmenich company. Since 2012, he has been the official perfumer of Louis Vuitton. Regarding this post, he explains “The adventure is unique and particularly exciting … Especially since the values ​​of the house are mine: respect for know-how, craftsmanship and the choice of the most raw materials. noble. “We owe to Jacques Cavallier magnificent fragrances such as” Ultraviolet “by Paco Rabanne,” Nina “by Nina Ricci or” Pi “by Givenchy.

Opium pour Homme, mysterious oriental and fresh notes

Jacques Cavallier has chosen here to combine freshness with woody and oriental tones. “Opium pour Homme” begins with aromatic notes such as tarragon, lavender and star anise to combine with very fruity notes, namely that of mandarin and blackcurrant. Blackcurrant is a plant native to Europe. From the 16th century, blackcurrant was cultivated in France, mainly in the Loire Valley. It is then used for its many medicinal properties. Blackcurrant comes in the form of black berries in the form of clusters. In perfumery, blackcurrant gives off fruity, sweet, bitter and also green smells. Then, the heart of “Opium pour Homme” is loaded with Sichuan pepper, geranium, Chinese galangal and ginger, thus associating floral and spicy notes. Sichuan pepper was brought to Europe in the 13th century by Marco Polo.

Sichuan pepper, also called “Chinese pepper” is an Asian spice. Its berries are harvested in late summer and dried in the sun until they turn reddish-brown. In perfumery, Sichuan pepper gives off fresh, spicy, dry and woody tones. As for the Chinese galangal, it is little used in perfumery. It offers here its aphrodisiac properties, leaving with Sichuan pepper, an incredible intensity. Finally, the “Opium pour Homme” base is woody and mysterious, because it combines Atlas cedar, Bourbon vanilla, Haitian vetiver and amber, leaving an ultra mysterious trail. The “Opium pour Homme” bottle uses the main codes of that of the female version. Its shape is reminiscent of the Inro of the Japanese warriors, a box that the latter hung from their belts for alcohol or medicine.


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