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Yves Saint Laurent Y Live Intense Eau de Toilette

Y Live, the scent of men

This is precisely how Yves Saint-Laurent’s Y perfume was designed in 2017. As its name suggests, and in addition to the fact that it refers to the creator’s first name, it is a fragrance intended for Generation Y, more creative and ambitious than ever. A year after its creation, Y had already metamorphosed to become an Eau de Parfum. From a woody fern, it had become a more aromatic scent. Once again, in 2019, history repeats itself. So what can the new Y Live Eau de Toilette Intense hide?

Y Live Eau de Toilette Intense is adorned with a new bluish gradient

For the Y Live Eau de Toilette Intense perfume, the Yves Saint-Laurent house has chosen to reuse the previous bottle designed by Suzanne Dalton, in 2017. Sober but original, this bottle consists of a thick glass rectangle, on which is detaches a metallic bar bearing the name of Yves Saint-Laurent, and forming a Y on one of its sides. The whole is topped by an imposing black cap, pledge of all the truth of this perfume. If the bottle of Y Live Eau de Toilette Intense is almost identical to that of its predecessors, it should be noted that it is adorned with a new color, degraded. Its base displays a light blue, limpid and transparent. Its top, on the other hand, is much darker. In reality, this choice is far from trivial.

Y Live Eau de Toilette Intense, a thrilling scent, loaded with emotions

Just as its pretty bluish gradient suggests, Y Live Eau de Toilette Intense evolves from a light and transparent base towards more masculine, warm and sustained base notes. It all starts with an alliance of citrus fruits, and more exactly bergamot and lemon. These two refreshing essences give the man who wears this perfume a feeling of exceptional vitality on a daily basis. Then, Y Live Eau de Toilette Intense evolves towards a more floral and spicy heart. The Mediterranean luminosity of orange blossom is associated with a more peppery geranium. To add a hint of indulgence to the whole, the base notes of Y Live Eau de Toilette Intense also contain a round and bitter cocoa. Finally, it all ends with aromas of tonka bean.

Y Live Eau de Toilette Intense is a fragrance that is thought of as an emotion, a fleeting moment but no less powerful. This essence is inspired by an extraordinary man, ready to be fully accomplished. The image suddenly stops behind the scenes, as the man in question is about to step from shadow to light. Her heart beats, her skin shivers, her senses are in turmoil… Such is the power of this contemporary perfume.


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