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October, 2
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    Yves Saint Laurent YSL Eau de Toilette for Men

    The Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme perfume, the taste of scandal

    From the start, Yves Saint Laurent imposed his style, his ideas. It shocks with the “Collection 40” which sports the retro style of women during the Second World War. It is also shocking with many perfumes, such as “Rive Gauche” or “Opium”. He also shocks when he poses naked for his perfume “Pour Homme”, a fragrance that the couturier himself wore with elegance.

    Yves Saint Laurent’s Pour Homme advertising scandal

    Created in 1968, “Pour Homme” was marketed in 1971, at the same time as “Rive Gauche” which encouraged women to free themselves from their shackles. To carry out the advertisement for “Pour Homme”, the young designer did not hesitate to shock or even scandalize the bourgeoisie by posing naked, in front of the lens of Jeanloup Stieff. The slogan was “This is my Eau de Toilette, now it can be yours…”. This unprecedented advertising obviously causes a real scandal. Nevertheless, Yves Saint Laurent reveals himself in a simple, intimate way, exposing not only his body, but also his soul. It is as if the young couturier was explaining “I only have me to offer you”. In addition to his personality and his sensitivity, “Pour Homme” depicts the assertive character of the couturier and of all men.

    The elegance of Pour Homme’s fragrance notes

    The perfumer Raymond Chailland was chosen by the YSL house to develop this first fragrance (released the same year as Rive Gauche). “Pour Homme” is defined as a citrus-aromatic fragrance. The rendering is delicate and elegant, like the Parisian couturier. “Pour Homme” begins with an intense freshness, those of citrus notes such as lemon and bergamot associated with aromatic notes of lavender, petitgrain and verbena. The heart of “Pour Homme” evolves towards even stronger aromatically speaking notes, combining thyme, rosemary, clary sage and marjoram. The latter will nevertheless be enhanced with the spicy touch of rose berry. Finally, the base is particularly virile thanks to the presence of vetiver, sandalwood, oak moss and patchouli. As for the bottle, it has been revisited and is now dressed in the typical bottle of the “Classic Perfume Collection” from the YSL house. The bottle has the shape of a clean glass cube. It is also surrounded by a black label, Yves Saint Laurent’s favorite color, on which the name of the perfume is displayed. The whole offers an ultra elegant rendering.

    “Pour Homme” is Yves Saint Laurent’s first fragrance, along with “Rive Gauche” which was released the same year. If the name is not sulphurous (like Opium), “Pour Homme” has nevertheless known scandal because YSL posed naked to present it… Intimate fragrance, “Pour Homme” shakes up all the codes of the male personality.

    Released in 1971, “ Pour Homme ”by Yves Saint Laurent is the scent of revolt, just like“ Rive Gauche ”was released the same year. YSL’s first masculine fragrance, “Pour Homme” is provocative and shocking, as the couturier loved to be. Indeed, for the advertisement of “Pour Homme”, Yves Saint Laurent decides to pose naked. Its slogan was then “This is my Eau de toilette, now it can be yours…”. Citrus and aromatic, the “Pour Homme” fragrance is the scent of elegant men.

    Pour Homme YSL, the first masculine fragrance by Raymond Chaillan

    YLS decided to choose Raymond Chaillan to create its first men’s fragrance. Born in Nice, Raymond Chaillan initially turned to math studies, before obtaining an engineering degree from ENSIA. His career in perfumery really began in 1969 at the heart of the Roure company, where he worked for 10 years. He then joined Firmenich, and was appointed Research Director in Perfumery at J & amp; E Sozio. In 1995, Raymond Chaillan was also Chairman of the Société Française des Parfumeurs. Raymond Chaillan is at the origin of great olfactory successes such as “Anaïs Anaïs” by Cacharel, “Quartz” by Molyneux or even “Boucheron pour Homme” by Boucheron.

    Pour Homme YSL, elegant and virile notes

    “Pour Homme” begins with a multifaceted freshness and combines lavender, petitgrain, rosemary, verbena, bergamot and lemon, giving the whole composition a very masculine side. The small grain actually designates the essential oil obtained from the leaves and twigs of trees of the citrus genus. Bitter orange petitgrain comes from bitter orange or sour orange, an evergreen tree of the Rutaceae family measuring up to 5 m high. Originally from China, petitgrain has been used for centuries in traditional medicine (heart and digestive disorders). He gradually acclimatized to the Mediterranean regions, and his culture is now found as far as Paraguay. In perfumery, petitgrain gives off green, fresh, citrus tones, but also floral and bitter. Then, the heart of “Pour Homme” is aromatic to perfection and combines clary sage, carnation and geranium. The benefits of clary sage have been known since ancient times.

    We find its traces in the writings of Greek doctors who nicknamed it “Herba Sacra”. Native to western Asia and southern Europe, clary sage can reach 1.50 m in height. While clary sage is still used for its medicinal properties, it is also used in cooking to enhance meats and sauces. In perfumery, clary sage is an ingredient mostly used in men’s compositions. It offers herbaceous, aromatic, floral and camphoric tones. Finally, the base of “Pour Homme” is ultra virile thanks to the presence of oak moss, vetiver, patchouli and white musks.

    Aromatic Citrus

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